Analyst expects Apple to boost guidance on strong iPod sales; shares up in pre-market trading

“PiperJaffray, ahead of Apple Computer Inc.’s March quarter results due on Wednesday, said it expects the iPod maker to issue guidance for the June quarter that will top the consensus estimate from analysts for earnings of 23 cents a share on revenue of $3.20 billion. “Based on continued strong demand being met by, what we expect will be more consistent supply, we believe June quarter guidance will be above Street consensus,” the broker told clients,” Emily Church reports for MarketWatch.

“Shares of Apple Computer Inc. were up 1.2% at $44.25 after brokerage Piper Jaffray said it expects the maker of the hugely successful iPod digital music player to offer an outlook for the June quarter that will likely top current analyst estimates when it posts March quarter results on Wednesday,” Mark Cotton reports for MarketWatch.

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  1. Jeee-zus CHee-righst people. Why is it everytime MDN posts a news article that *they* don’t see fit as news they have to gripe and bitch about it like little baby girls.

    Thanks MDN, for posting this one for me. I am fairly heavily invested in Apple, and I appreciate all of your stock related news. It is always nice to wake up monday morning with news like this.

  2. G Spank******** U are “heavily invested in Apple” (as in stock or you bought an iPod?) and you rely on MDN for your stock news???
    Shazam! You gotta be kidding!
    Tip: Try google news and plug in apple computer.

  3. I’d have to say there’s a distinction between complaining about MDN’s choice of news and what G Spank is “complaining” about.

    In the first instance, Al is misguided. MDN is merely passing on news about Apple or Macs, whenever and wherever it appears, so as to save people the time and trouble of searching the web for it themselves. The site’s name says it all, Mac Daily News. They don’t create the content, edit the content or control the content, they just report it so we can read it if we want.

    If Al doesn’t want to read “news” about the stock price of Apple, then excercise some personal responsibility and don’t read the article. If the content that MDN provides isn’t of interest, then don’t visit the site. Why complain about the content if the purpose of this site is to consolidate news about Apple and Macs into one resource?

    G Spank is just stating the obvious, that some people can’t or won’t understand the obvious and want the world to revolve around them and their needs.

  4. oh helen, how you have made me feel like a sham! That must make you feel good, as I am sure your intentions of your post were to make me feel like shit. Anyway, yes I am heavily invested in Apple, yes I have made a lot of money being heavily invested in Apple, and yes I use MDN as a tool to help me make some decisions about buying and selling AAPL. My track record is going quite well with AAPL, and you with your superior bullshit attitude can piss off.

  5. G Spank – sorry to upset a heavily-invested-in AAPL stock, rich guy!

    – signed,
    Just a poor, poor sophomore college student that has a sensitive BS-ometer wondering why a Rich Guy would have the time or want to hang out at a Mac fansite and want to continually brag about his huge AAPL stock portfolio. As if anyone cares.
    See you at the country club!

  6. You blew my cover detective helen. You must be SOOOOO proud of yourself and your psychic abilities.

    I never said I was rich, I said I was heavily invested. By heavily invested I mean that around 60% of my savings are in AAPL. I am going to be purchasing my first home shortly and AAPL has been a boon for me in this regard. Yes, helen – I am a decent human being.

    What would I expect though, posting anything in a forum on the web. These forums are haunted by children who want to either complain for no good reason or insult people for no good reason. You fit in the latter catagory. And no, just because I pointed out that someone is in the first catagory does not put me there too.

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