CherryOS Mac emulator for PC goes open-source

The CherryOS emulator for running Mac OS X on a PC is to be released as open-source software, according to a note on the product’s website.

The project has been accused of stealing code from PearPC, an open-source PowerPC architecture emuator released last year. CherryOS developer Maui X-Stream has been accused of taking the PearPC code and repackaging it as commercial software.

Now, the CherryOS website now reads “Due to Overwhelming Demand. Cherry Open Source Project. Launches 5.1.2005.”

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  1. IS there anyway a Free MAC OS X online and a paid MAc OS X from Apple could co-exist.

    One’s just for Macs, one’s just for x86.

    The Marketshare thing makes me want this thing to stay alive, so people can get a taste of OS X

  2. Mike: It’s not a free version of OS X for x86. It’s an emulator that will allow you to run OS X (you still have to buy the OS) on a PC, like using Virtual PC to run Windows on a Mac.

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