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You can now watch free videos on a feature news video magazine. Bob Franco,’s president, says the website’s new magazine style is easier to use and gives its sponsors more exposure.

“What’s unique about is that we produce almost all of our own content. We aren’t showing videos you’ve already seen on television or elsewhere. We also serve as a platform for filmmakers who have professionally made content. If I like it, I’ll put it up,” says Franco in the press release.

The stories range from people, to planes, cars and food in categories such as, International, National, Music, Wheels, Aircraft, and California among others. Endorphin is also encouraging viewers to send letters to the editor in the form of videos as well as emails.

“We produce our videos to a high level of quality, with many in widescreen and viewers appreciate that,” said Franco. Recent videos on the website include a story about a tsunami volunteer in India, a hydrogen powered car, WWII P – 51 fighter planes, a Porsche 908 racing car, and many others. Also, the short films are featured regularly at (there are 3 there now). The videos can be viewed with Apple’s free QuickTime player.

Positive changes in the U.S. economy and the greatly increased number of broadband users caused Franco go from a pay format to a free format which includes advertisements.

Endorphin Productions Inc. has been producing videos since 1988 for a variety of clients and their work has been seen on CBS, NBC, PBS, The History Channel, The Learning Channel, and others.

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