VersaCAD 2005 now shipping for Mac OS X

Archway Systems, Inc. (Archway), developer and marketer of design software solutions including VersaCAD computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) software, today announces that it started shipping VersaCAD 2005 for Macintosh as of today.

VersaCAD 2005 for Macintosh was redesigned for the latest Mac OS X operating system to provide a very fast, versatile, practical and economical design/drafting software for the Macintosh-based architect, designer, engineer or drafter. VersaCAD 2005 for Macintosh has been in beta testing for several months.

Whether running on an iMac or G5 with wide screen, the new VersaCAD 2005 for Macintosh provides a large viewing area minimizing the need for zooming but plotting to any scale on any size sheet.

Archway Systems’ VersaCAD Unlimited Corporate License is available for VersaCAD 2005 for Macintosh. The Unlimited Corporate License reduces costs and increases work quality by making VersaCAD affordable and by allowing users to install VersaCAD on every system within an organization, even those used at home offices. Rather than following previous pricing structures wherein users paid for each computer on which VersaCAD was installed, subscribers now purchase an Unlimited Corporate License based on the number range of employees in an organization. The new VersaCAD Unlimited Corporate License also gives owners the right to donate copies of the software and supporting documentation to educational institutions at no additional charge.

VersaCAD 2005 for Macintosh has been specially priced at $629. Premium Service (software updates, new releases and tech support) is available at $495 per year. Site licenses are available at $1,000 per year for up to 5 users, $1,500 up to 10 users, $2,000 up to 20 users, etc. Site license fees include the license and Premium Service plus right to donate a campus license to school of choice. Academic pricing is $195 per copy. Academic campus licenses are free with purchase of one year of academic Premium Service at $595. VersaCAD is sold through VersaCAD dealers or from


  1. Amazing, I was just discussing the need for AutoCAD or VersaCAD to step up and develop for the Mac platform this past weekend…

    Perhaps this weekend, I should discuss winning the lottery!!!

    (p.s. now, if someone could step up with some medical software for the Mac, at least one person I know could be convinced to switch his entire office.)

  2. MacPractice is a good one; I hadn’t known about that. I also just found OsiriX, a DICOM compatable image viewer for OSX. I’ll have to show him those two when I see my doctor again. Thanks for the heads up!

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