Hewlett-Packard adds ‘iPod dock holder’ to latest Media Center desktop

“The first computer with a built-in spot for an iPod is on its way–and it’s not a Mac,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News. “Hewlett-Packard is planning to add a prime spot for Apple Computer’s music player in its latest Media Center m7000 desktop PC. The computer doesn’t have a dock itself, but rather features a molded piece of plastic that fits around Apple’s own dock to allow the device to gracefully dock atop the PC.”

“The move raises the question of when consumers will see a similar feature on a Mac. By some accounts, Apple itself had been planning to include some kind of built-in dock in the Mac Mini, but pulled the feature before the product was announced in January. An Apple representative declined to comment,” Fried reports. “At the same time, the move signals that HP has not lost interest in the iPod… new HP-branded iPods are on the way and should be announced in the coming weeks, said Siobhan O’Connor, HP’s vice president of consumer brand and marketing. ‘Expect us to have, like we did with the original products, a very similar lineup to what Apple has,’ O’Connor told CNET News.com.”

Full article with image here.

MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, this “molded piece of plastic” is only the beginning of a real “iPod push” from HP that will benefit both Apple and HP. So far, HP’s iPod efforts have been disappointing as we had expected much more when the HP and Apple iPod deal was originally announced.

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  1. Sure am having a hard time picturing a how an iPod could be “gracefully” docked onto the top of an HP tower. Any way you look at it, it’s still a pc that doesn’t run OS X. And how many pc towers are even kept out in the open, in a position to have anything set on top of it with any “head room” to begin with?

    And Fried apparently has some sort of inside information about the Mac mini possibly having a dock, or is placing great stock in those “some accounts” and making it appear as more truthful than it really is. While it was nice speculation, and some pointed out the possibility after doing a disassembling of the unit, I’m not fully convinced it was ever something Apple was actually “planning” to do, since Apple denies pretty much anything they haven’t already announced. Just their not choosing to comment isn’t a tacit “yes” from Apple to those rumors and speculation.

  2. This just in…

    HP has two other offerings in the works:

    A “pink slip” holder… so that your employer can leave friendly note for you.

    A jelly-bean dispenser…. sigh.

    “Invent” my a$$.

  3. HP has become nothing more than another Wintel-box builder.

    I mean, really, other than their ‘brand’, exactly what is it that differentiates HP from Dell, IBM (Lenovo), Toshiba, Sony, or any other “Made in China” piece-of-crap computer builder that’s out there??

    It’s been a long time since HP has done anything really innovative.

  4. fandango…

    the irony is that.. besides the enderle quote about HP outselling Apple in iPods, Apple outclasses HP in distribution on the iPod front..

    I mean.. I just don’t see HP iPods in stores.. though, obviously, anyone buying from the HP website would fine them there…

    Ironic because… with the rumors of a Mac Mini soon selling at Best Buy, Apple’s biggest problem is distribution on the Computer front

  5. Hey, I’ve just designed something amazing, I lit my mini blow torch and melted my mini Dock onto the top of my Mac mini, it’s revolutionary!

    MW: rather, as in I’d ‘rather’ use a Mac.

  6. James you are a stupid dumb ass who I hope falls down a flight of steps and cracks his head open in a spectacular fashion this afternoon. Who cares who gets the first post in? I care who gets a USEFUL post in.

    Now I wanna know does this mean that HP will continue with the iPod by HP deal, or is that dock a Carly legacy that will disappear after one generation?

    MDN Magic Word: “miss”, that means you James.

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