Firefox 1.0.2 for Mac OS X released

Mozilla has released Firefox 1.0.2 for Mac OS X which is a security and stability update that is part of the “ongoing program to provide a safe Internet experience,” according to Mozilla’s notes. It is recommended that all users upgrade to Firefox 1.0.2 (versions for other platforms are also available) .

More info and download link here.


  1. What exactly is the difference between Firefox and Camino in relation to how they render pages? They do use the same rendering engine, Gecko right? I know Camino is written from the ground up in Cocoa, but it seems slower than Firefox.

    Anyone care to help me on this one? Thanks.

  2. Squatch: The difference is that Camino’s code is designed for OS X and OS X only. They don’t have to worry about portability. This means you get native keychain, address book and rendevous support, among a lot of other things.

  3. ignorant fool: IMHO, they aren’t. I find Safari to be quicker and look better than Firefox. However Firefox is incredibly customizable. You can add all kinds of extensions to add functionality Safari doesn’t have. I keep Firefox as a second browser.

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