“The more we look into these developing rumors of Apple’s planned [HD Video Network] (HDVN) content delivery system, with each new report this is becoming one of the biggest stories in our 11 years dishing dirt — right up there with Mac OS X, the iMac, the iPod….yeah, that big. Seriously,” Mac OS Rumors reports.

“Apple’s interest in satellite HD content delivery has become more than obvious. Just a note to Phil Schiller and company: your (potential) competitors are taking notice! Just because Apple rebuffed Sirius is by no means an indication that Apple isn’t interested in satellite content delivery. Apple just doesn’t want to piggback on someone else’s network — they’re interested in building their own on existing satellites and potentially launching more than one of their own in the next few years as well,” MOSR reports.

“This ‘HDVN’ will not just be through satellite however. The same service will be available over the Internet and as a “drop in, plug in, tune in” service at its retail stores,” MOSR reports. “The company has long struggled with what form that hub device should take — and has settled on a system that emphasizes being a source for low-cost (or free) High Definition content that just isn’t readily available from Digital Cable or traditional Satellite TV systems. The best of the Internet and traditional HDTV brought together plus that little something extra – Apple style.”

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