Apple takes chunk of Korean music player market

“Apple has increased its stake in the Korean MP3 market with its new flash-memory music player, the iPod Shuffle. From virtually nothing, Apple’s market share has risen to 10 percent as of the third week of March — less than two months after it began sales of the Shuffle,” according to a brief blurb in JoongAng Daily.

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“According to a survey by online electronics retailer Danawa Corp., Apple Computer’s iPod music players accounted for 7 percent of the local market by revenue as of the first two-weeks of March,” Kim Tong-hyung reports for The Korea Herald. “Danawa estimates iPods market share by units to be well over 10 percent, considering that Apple’s products are sold in far-less fewer stores compared to those of their Korean counterparts including ReignCom Ltd. and Samsung Electronics Co. Apple Computer declined to disclose its local sales figures. ‘Apple Computer hardly had a presence in the Korean MP3 market last year but their market share has been significantly growing since the release of the iPod Shuffle earlier this month. Considering the difference in the number of distributors, Apple Computer’s market share has to be a lot higher than 7 percent,’ said a Danawa official.”

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