Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs took $1 salary again in 2004

“Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple Computer Inc., was again paid $1 in salary and received no stock options or restricted stock for the company’s fiscal 2004, a regulatory filing showed on Tuesday,” Reuters reports. “For years, Jobs, who co-founded Cupertino, California-based Apple, has taken a salary of $1. In March 2003, Jobs voluntarily canceled all of his outstanding options, excluding those granted to him in his capacity as director.”

“Fueled by the success of its iPod portable digital music player and stronger sales of some models of its signature Macintosh computers, Apple’s stock price surged 80 percent in fiscal 2004, which ended September 25 of that year,” Reuters reports.

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  1. is apply on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pay schedule? if they get paid weekly, that means Steve Jobs received 52 paychecks, totalling $1 dollar, 12 checks if they get paid monthly. I wonder how much taxes they take out of a dollal salary, and then there’s the issue of Social Security contribution. Hmmm.

  2. I believe this is $1 a year, so yeah, the paper is worth more than what was printed on it. Well, they probably take about $.25 or so, if any for taxes. I think he has done well enough, and with all pass pay checks and from what he gets at Pixar, he will do fine with getting some money back from SS when he retires.

  3. I sleep better at night, knowing that no matter how crappy my job can be, I earn a salary that is several mangatudes more than the salary of one of the richest men in America.

    Of course, my bonuses have never compared to his…

  4. He may take $1 for salary but he’s among the highest paid CEOs because of his stock options. This is just a gimmick… he’s as greedy as any other CEO.

  5. “Give me a break”, if you read the entire article then you’ll find that he also received no stock options and no bonuses. He also gave up all of his previous options. He’s not as greedy as other CEOs. He wants Apple to succeed. Now, ask the CEO of placed like United Airlines (that is going bankrupt) how much he gets…

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