CherryOS released, runs Mac OS X on Windows XP PCs

“Following its initial announcement and subsequent controversy last October, Mac emulator CherryOS has finally been released,” Nate Mook reports for BetaNews. “The $49.95 CherryOS was developed by Maui-X-Stream — a small Hawaiian company that makes streaming media technologies — and enables users to run Apple’s Mac OS X operating system atop Windows PCs. The software mimics the Mac G4 processor and touts complete access to a system’s hardware resources and networking capabilities.”

“Its creator, Arben Kryeziu, found himself in hot water last year amid claims the software was simply stolen from the open source PearPC project. With the code now under public scrutiny, it appears that such allegations are true,” Mook reports. “Although PearPC source code is freely available, its usage is governed by the GNU General Public License (GPL), which states that the code and any modifications must be offered by anyone that distributes it. Alleged GPL violations have forced companies such as Linksys to release their code, but the license has never been fully tested in a U.S. court of law.”

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Maui-X-Stream’s Description:
With CherryOS — a G4 Emulator — you can install Panther, Apple’s award-winning operating system, onto your PC. In addition, you will be able to use many of the day-to-day applications such as Safari and Apple’s Mail. Perfect for learning a new environment, expanding your PC’s capabilities or finalizing your purchase decision.

A CherryOS trial, which will boot 14 times, is available for download here.

MacDailyNews Take: Windows XP users, if you want to run Mac OS X so badly, go pick up a $499 Mac mini. It’ll work much better for you; it’s easily worth the price.

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  1. Rob Nash, maybe it will let them see how cool Mac OS X is, and then make them want to go buy a Mac to run it properly on. I think most people who will be the type to download and try this will understand the performance issues are due to the emulation.

    I remember years ago having a Mac emulator for my Atari ST. It ran like shit but the fact that it let me taste what the Mac OS was like made me want a Mac, even though at the time, being a student and all, I could not afford it. Within a couple of years I did get a Mac, and SE/30 used and it still cost me thousands of dollars–that’s what they went for back then. Been a Mac user ever since.

    Once you go Mac, you won’t go back baby!

  2. I wonder if panther orders will go up because of this? I’m pretty sure you can’t download panther illegally like you can with windows, the mac community seems a bit less into the illegal distribution of files than the windows crowd.

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