CaptureWorks releases JobCapture 5.1 for Mac and Windows, accurately track time and activities

CaptureWorks, a New Jersey based business software developer, has released JobCapture 5.1, the newest version of their utility software for both Mac and Windows. Version 5.1 includes significant innovations for collection and reporting of work activities without dependence on users’ memory or unnecessary intrusion to workflow.

JobCapture is designed for organizations that need to accurately track time and activities. Its unique characteristic is that it can capture (at the optimal moment) the fine details of real-time work production—both on and off the computer. The software simplifies the collection process and brings a new level of precision and completeness to records, greatly benefiting small, medium or large enterprises as well as freelancers. JobCapture is perfect for companies that are concerned about compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, yet don’t want to significantly change workflows. JobCapture is customizable to work in any Windows and/or Mac environment.

JobCapture employs CaptureWorks’ proprietary, patent pending DocCapture™ technology to track document-specific work activity in a way that satisfies both users and managers—often difficult to do because of “conflicting interests.” JobCapture’s fully configurable, electronic “Job Jacket,” also patent pending, displays to the user how much time was spent working in documents, no matter how many documents are open or whether users leave their desk or take a phone call. The pop-up Job Jacket allows the user to assign crucial job-related information such as “job number” and “what was being done” to the document when it closes. The on-the-fly assignment enables near real-time project monitoring, something competitors can’t offer. All information is fed to an included database for reporting. CaptureWorks’ customers have reported significant gains in project control and data accuracy and those who bill for time have reported gains in valid billable time as high as 217% over current methods.

Release 5.1 delivers several major improvements:

* ExpenseCapture: Besides gathering time information, version 5 now allows entry of fixed expenses so all billable items are gathered in one place. This can also be seamlessly tied into CaptureWorks’ PrintCapture to create a complete record of expenses, whether billable or not.
* OpenTrack™ Technology: Users can now add additional applications to the tracking list without CaptureWorks needing to create a new plug-in as before.
* CaptureConnect™ Technology: Third party developers and integrators can now use our CaptureConnect SDK to create external connections to and from CaptureWorks software. This allows 2-way connection from SQL, MySQL, PostGreSQL and other ODBC-compliant databases.

JobCapture 5.1 includes a wider selection of out-of-the-box reports, complete with charts and timelines on any data it collects based on client, project, job number, costs, application, user, machine, activity types, time and more. Workers are also given many convenient features which can speed the work along and be used to create timesheets.

CaptureWorks CEO Peter McClard says, “As with all of our software, JobCapture has evolved into an elegant, user-friendly system for making and keeping money. We have very happy customers. We’re excited about the direction this technology is moving. Version 6 has some huge surprises in store.”

JobCapture costs $199 per tracked machine and includes the Manager and Antenna software (server). Support and maintenance is available and priced according to deployment.

More information about JobCapture here.


  1. We use JobCapture in a mixed Windows and Mac environment and the software is very, very accurate and dependable. We could not live without it. It saves a lot of wasted time. If you’re in the market for time tracking software, I’d recommend it highly!

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