Apple iMac G5, Mac mini models hold top 5 spots on Amazon’s Desktop Computer Top Sellers list

Amazon’s list of their most popular desktop computers shows Apple’s Mac mini and iMac G5 models hold five of the top six best sellers. Amazon’s list is now updated hourly:

#1 – Apple iMac G5 Desktop with 20″ (1.80 GHz PowerPC G5, 256 MB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, SuperDrive)
#2 – Apple Mac mini (G4 1.42 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD-RW Drive)
#3 – Apple Mac mini (G4 1.25GHz, 256 MB RAM, 40 GB Hard Drive, DVD/CD-RW Drive)
#4 – Apple iMac G5 Desktop with 17″ (1.60 GHz PowerPC G5, 256 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, Combo Drive)
#5 – Apple iMac G5 Desktop with 17″ (1.80 GHz PowerPC G5, 256 MB RAM, 80 GB Hard Drive, SuperDrive)

Amazon’s list can be found here.


  1. Amazon doesn’t sell Dell commputers. If they did the top 5 spots would almost certainly belong to Dell.

    Let’s not get too exicted here.

  2. and whose fault is it exactly that amazon doesn’t sell DELL computers?? I hope that puts things in perpesctive for you.

    magic word “eyes” As in open up your eyes let’s put things in perpesctive!! who cares about DULL?

  3. True qtip. That list is not even close to being a true representation of computers sold by brand. Even though it says “updated hourly,” the truth is that that list probably does not even change daily. How many people do you think actually order a computer from amazon? It’d be a different story if it were Best Buy or some other major retailer that sells alot of computers. Nonetheless, it’s still cool to see.

  4. The point is that Amazon is a high profile site, and there’s 5 Mac models sitting at the top of their best seller list.

    Whether or not they sell 17 kajillion computers is irrelevant. It’s good exposure.

  5. The Matfer Exopat Nonstick Baking/Roasting Sheet and the Eureka 4870DT Upright Vacuum are the top two sellers in the Home & Garden category.

    Isn’t that cool?

    In other words… who cares about the top sellers list?
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  6. Top selling books in the Amazon category of “people that look up the Amazon top selling computer” list:

    “Get a Life!” by Ima Loser

    “MDN: Mostly Dorks and Nerds” by Wayst Ovtime

    “What R Women?” by Mr. Master Bator

  7. If anyone has bothered to check, the Amazon numbers are quite high (for sales). If you check back on the hour you will see the list changes a lot. What does it mean, Simple. 1 year ago mac wern’t on the list that much and now they are. This is just here to make us all go YES, GO APPLE. so I did.

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