“At any given time, an iPod advertisement will grace the airwaves. The Pepsi/iTunes promotion has also kicked into high gear, so the Apple logo can be seen in a lot of places. With all this buzz about Apple’s digital music division, I find something missing,” Eric Schwarz writes for SchwarzTech.

“The Mac Mini is being ignored. Quite frankly, the computer that could easily boost Apple’s market share is still unknown to many. Sure, it has been mentioned in many newspapers and magazines, but many people still don’t know what makes it better than a Dell or Gateway. The Mac Mini needs to be advertised on TV to an obnoxiously, similar to how U2’s ‘Vertigo’ has become almost synonymous with an iPod commercial,” Schwarz writes.

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[NOTE, 3:40pm ET: The “Mac Tablet” story was pulled due to its ripe old age. Sorry ’bout that one! – ]