Why isn’t Apple advertising the Mac mini more?

“At any given time, an iPod advertisement will grace the airwaves. The Pepsi/iTunes promotion has also kicked into high gear, so the Apple logo can be seen in a lot of places. With all this buzz about Apple’s digital music division, I find something missing,” Eric Schwarz writes for SchwarzTech.

“The Mac Mini is being ignored. Quite frankly, the computer that could easily boost Apple’s market share is still unknown to many. Sure, it has been mentioned in many newspapers and magazines, but many people still don’t know what makes it better than a Dell or Gateway. The Mac Mini needs to be advertised on TV to an obnoxiously, similar to how U2’s ‘Vertigo’ has become almost synonymous with an iPod commercial,” Schwarz writes.

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[NOTE, 3:40pm ET: The “Mac Tablet” story was pulled due to its ripe old age. Sorry ’bout that one! – ]


  1. I also am not a fan of the switch campaign, but it appears thats Apple’s next step, being that Apple is asking for “new to mac” stories.

    A good commercial would be nice.

  2. Hahah the tablet Mac story got pulled.


    Anyway, why doesn’t Apple advertise any of their computers outside of print publications? It’s the huge mystery…

  3. The writer is right in one respect – Apple aren’t advertising, and are undoubtedly missing out on sales. I think this is deliberate though. They’re relying on early adopters to buy the mini without advertising to keep costs down, and they’re succeeding. Its well known to be selling out pretty much everywhere, and the last thing they want is a run on them without being able to meet supply. Apple seem to have got the supply/demand balance almost 100% with the launch of the mini. Having gauged reaction, and taken note of any issues, shortfalls, or problems with the specification, price-points, or design they will roll out a version 2, probably with increased ram and other minor changes, and ramp up production in a big way to coincide with the launch of Tiger in Spring, and a massive advertising campaign.
    They’re just very sensibly biding their time to bring together the vital ingredients for a successfull assault on their market share. Personally I think the launch was brilliantly handled, and the company has avoided any criticism of being short on supply while being able to gain rave reviews of the product from journalists and users alike. Having established such ground-level support and formed a base, they’ll build their success on it over the next few months, you watch.

    The mini will be everywhere by summer.

  4. I don’t see why Apple doesn’t advertise the Mac mini, or for that matter, Macs in general. Nearly everyone understands the appeal of the iPod, but too few understand the appeal of the Mac.

    MDN Magic Word = “lead”

    As in: Apple should lead the way in marketing!

  5. This is an excellent example why the “mainstream media” is becoming less and less mainstream and being marginalized by the “new media.”

    Think of it this way–

    “Let me see, hmmm. Apple’s got a 2 to 4 week wait for the Mac mini. That means, none in stock at the stores. Can’t buy one and get it tomorrow (or next week) from the online Apple Store.


    Boy is Apple really DUMB because they’re not advertising this really cool product.”

    See what I mean? Is it possible Apple’s not advertising the Mac mini because demand is already so high that the channel pipeline hasn’t filled yet?

    When’s the best time to advertise the mini? How about when the mini is actually available for purchase? And how about when it ships with Tiger?

    That seemed waaaaaaay too easy to figure out, huh?

    Tera Patricks

  6. and there was never a new iMac G5 commercial either, and I believe that was too because of the demand that was already prevelent.

    I think they thought if there were advertisments, they wouldn’t have any product, and this is the same with the mini…

    It’s unfortunate. Apple never gets the product out the door. You’d think after all these years… oh well…

  7. I think the marketing wizards at Apple have told Steve that the mac mini is taking away sales from their other computers. They want the mini hidden away in the background.
    Apple needs to bring out some faster higher end computers.

    AND What Apple needs to be doing is advertising its in entire line of computers – not just the mini.

    But has Apple ever had an ad that sold any product?

    (Of yeah, and all the ad budget is allocated to the Apple stores to make them (seem/more) profitable.)

  8. Maybe it is a supply problem? Here in SoCal Fry’s is a joke. They seem to totally ignore Mac’s. The one time they had a Mac mini it was not even working. THis weekend they had no Mac Mini’s. Comp USA although they do have an Apple rep. also had no Mac mini’s this weekend.


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