CBS 2 New York puts Apple in ‘Hall of Shame’ over iPod battery replacement issues

“The Apple iPod is one of the most popular consumer electronic products in history. Thus far, 10 million have been sold to music lovers. But you may be surprised to learn what happens when the battery on the iPod dies. Our Shame On You team reports that battery replacement problems are making some people irate over the iPod. See why Arnold Diaz puts Apple in the Hall of Shame,” The CBS 2 New York website reads.

CBS 2 New York has video of this local station feature online.

See it here.

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, the CBS 2 video doesn’t work for Macs, so shame on you CBS 2 for offering only the Windows Media format and greeting your Mac Safari users with, “Warning – Unsupported Browser Internet Explorer 5.0 (or higher) or Netscape 7.1 (or higher) is required to play video on this site at this time.” This is basically an old rehash of the Neistat B.S. in an amateurish “gotcha” local news segment that attempts to trade on the iPod name – you’d think New York City would have better local news, but, of course, this is CBS, after all.

For anyone interested in actually useful information about iPod battery replacements, Other World Computer (a long time MacDailyNews sponsor) and Newer Tech offer a well-known (except by Arnold Diaz and CBS 2 New York viewers) solution that provides up to 70% more capacity vs. Apple’s original iPod battery, includes non-scratch tools, easy instructions, and will get you 20+ hours of runtime for US$29.95 or $39.95 depending on your iPod model. Of course, if this solution was included in the “report,” this easily-obtainable information would completely douse the sensationalism in this rehash package from a disgraced network’s flagship affiliate. And who would want to do that during February sweeps?

More info about the Newer Technology iPod Replacement Batteries from Other World Computing here.

More info about Apple’s iPod battery replacement program here.

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  1. I admit that the battery of my iPod was not up to my expectation, it hardly gave me 3 hours. However, during my vacation last summer, I was very very pleased when one of Apple stores in Malaysia replaced my iPod with a NEW one – yes NEW IPOD – when they knew about the problem I had with the battery. This is the service I expect from APPLE.

  2. I personally don’t see the problem with the battery life. I’ve had my 2nd Gen iPod for close to two years now and I use it on an average of four to six hours a day (its the only thing I listen to at work and in my car). I still am able to get between 8 and 10 hours of battery life. So I don’t see what the problem is. I completely expect to replace the iPod itself with a newer version before the battery dies, and since it has lasted me two years, I’ve been more than happy with its performance

  3. Hmmm, I could not watch the vid but set the user agent to Windows IE 6 with the debug menu and could listen to the Audio of it. Actually MDN they DO mention the 3rd party alternative solutions and use this as an example as to why Apple should be charging less and actually sending you back your original iPod and not a different refurbished unit with none of your songs on it. So though I hate to admit it I think the CBS take is accurate and this is something that Apple should improve on. Too bad about the bad press, Apple can defuse it by changing their policy on this.

  4. I personally don’t think that CBS’s report was way off base. Yes, there are alternative means for battery replacement, but Apple does not tell you that on their website. When most people need to get their battery replaced, their first reaction (as it should be) is to go directly to Apple.

    In my opinion (from personal experience,) Apple’s battery replacement program is expensive, inconvenient and in most cases sub-par. As a company, I believe in Apple and most of the time they do things right. This however, is an area where they could use some major work!

  5. I don’t think this battery issue is as widespread as most reports would have you believe. There were probably a few bad productions runs on batteries. I’m on my second iPod (had an original 20 gig, buttons and all, and now use a 4th gen 40 gig) with no battery problems yet. Obviously my first iPods battery isn’t what it used to be, but after a few years of use and charging, I wouldn’t expect it to be.

  6. This is old news and the 3rd party vendors have it taken care of long ago with there new batteries as Mac Daily News indicates. $40 gets you a new battery with simple instructions and tools to replace it with.

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