Cybersecurity advisor Clarke questions why anybody would buy from Microsoft

“Don’t expect Richard Clarke to rely on Microsoft Corp.’s anti-virus or anti-spyware programs to protect his own computer,” Todd Bishop reports for The Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

“‘Given their record in the security area, I don’t know why anybody would buy from them,’ the former White House cybersecurity and counterterrorism adviser said yesterday, when asked for his thoughts on Microsoft’s forthcoming line of security software,” Bishop reports.

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“Microsoft’s overriding goal should be to eliminate the need for AV [anti-virus] and AS [anti-spyware] products, not simply to enter the market with lookalike products at lower prices,” Gartner is quoted over on ZDNet in remarks about Microsoft’s security announcements this week.

Full article here.

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  1. D’OH! That’s a nice slap. I feel so much better lately compared to the days when I got my Wired magazine in the mail with the words PRAY under an Apple logo. Back when Gil Amelio took over and things were so bad I not only feared Apple might really go away but that someone was going to walk in and pry my beige Performa from my clutching arms.

    phew… of course all this shall end as well. Just so long as Apple can keep it’s soul as it grows into new areas, and as long as that soul isn’t too attached to Steve Jobs who can’t stay at Apple forever, unfortunately.

  2. Isn’t amazing how many people hate windows but just put up with it. Usually the best comments you get on the OS is that “it is just a tool anyway” and is “good enough” and “cheap” and “can’t be helped” that it is so malware ridden.

    What a way to go through life!! Especially when you can be truly delighted by OS X and not suffer all the problems with malware. There is a REASON Mac Users are so ardent about their computers and if I was a windoze user I would want to check it out.

  3. questions why anybody would buy from Microsoft

    Let me see … they approve spending <a href=””>300 billion</i> to liberate Iraq; they give money to pedophiles in white robes at archaic ceremonies; why the hell wouldn’t they fall for something as trivial as Microsoft’s spin on innovation and security?

  4. I don’t care if I like what he said about Microsoft, I don’t care much for the man and the way he shamelessly tried to sell his book a few years back. So I don’t give his opinion much credence. Nor do many…

  5. Uh, can I ask a question?
    I know Longhorn is the codename for Microsoft’s next OS, but what will be the real marketing name? Windows XP2? Windows 2007? What is their marketing strategy?
    I only say this cause they suck so they are going to need a catchy name if they really want it so sell. Of course they’ll have 10 different versions:
    Windows XP2 Home Edition
    Windows XP2 Professinoal Edition
    Windows XP2 Server
    Windows XP2 Internet Server
    Windows XP2 Mobile
    Windows XP2 Datacenter
    Windows XP2 64-bit
    Windows XP2 Small Business
    Windows XP2 Upgrade
    Windows XP2 Secure

    And each will have a different set of bugs/viruses/exploits!

  6. great business for microsoft.
    make it´s os not secure.
    microsoft buys anti-virus software company.
    sell anti-virus software to owners of microsoft´s crap os.
    microsoft makes money at both ends!
    i luv a monopoly!

  7. Ladies and Gents, SP3 is coming soon and it will change the world..

    Ok just kidding.. SP3 is coming soon and it will make Longhorn look less attractive.

    No seriously.

    It’s gonna be amazing.. MS never fails on a … erm.. 10 year promise..

  8. The apps will also check for a legit version of Winders or they won’t run. Winders pirates won’t load ’em anyway. Viruses will still run rampant around the world. Plus ça change….

  9. Clarke’s comments would have been much more interesting if he would have followed up his ‘Given [Microsoft’s] record in the security area, I don’t know why anybody would buy from them,’ statement with, ‘Get a Mac. It’s much more secure.’

    I suppose he’s not familiar with OS X.

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