Apple Mac mini home theater dock concept and image posted online

“While everyone scrambles to get the Mac mini into their home theaters, some people are thinking outside the box.  This concept, mocked up by Lester Ward, fits the mini into a home theater component-width dock with entertainment center-friendly connectors on the back,” Joshua Fruhlinger writes for Engadget.  “Instead of buying a digital audio connector, component video converters, and external Firewire drives, this box would have it all.  The larger box also makes room for additional hard drives to turn the Mini into a true media server.  The idea is a good one, and we’ll probably see some accessories like this in the near future.  Will they look this good, though?”

Check it out here.


  1. I would make it rack mountable, at least optionally. The concept is brilliant. I’m sure a good product designer could tweak the concept a tad. You might want to enclose the entire Mac mini inside the device, leaving only the optical slot exposed. The box might need a fan. As a consumer, I’d jump on something like this though, especially if it had a full-sized DVI-D connector, optical audio and analog surround sound connectors, and even a HDMI connector on the back. I’d throw a 500GB drive in there and then get to work figuring out how to transfer movies from my Comcast On Demand box so I could burn some backup DVDs.

  2. Three additional things are needed:

    Ability to input TV signal ie some hardware box taking in analog or digital signal and converting to an Fireiwre output eg Eye TV

    Ability to manage input signal – ie software that can record programs etc.

    Expandibility ie DVD burner / additional storage.

    Eye TV can do some of those things but I’m not too sure how well the software works and if the boxes can handle HDTV

  3. Looks good to me. There’s enough room in there for other components, including an HDTV tuner and a standard 3.5″ high speed, high capacity drive, for added storage. Just keep the price down and they have a winner.

  4. What a dumb idea. If this is the best humanity can design I might as well kill myself.

    I’m going to leave my mini at work where it can’t accidentally fall naked on a digital satellite receiver and have mutant babies.

    Magic word: hard. As in it’s “hard” to believe some of these comments!

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