Apple asks for new ‘Switcher’ stories

Apple has posted a new request for “New to Mac” switcher stories on its website:

If you’re a PC user who’s recently bought a Mac, we’d love to hear from you.
Let us know what made you get a Mac instead of a PC. Did you fall in love with your iPod and then buy a Mac? Were you looking for a computer that’s more stable and secure than your old PC? What’s it feel like to go from Windows to Mac OS X? What do you use your Mac for — managing your music, editing photos, creating movies, recording your own songs? What can you do on your Mac that you couldn’t do on a PC?

Share your story — we’re all ears.

Apple’s “Switcher” form here.

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  1. I once got a good friend to switch. She saw how easy it was to set up my new Performa (that tells you how long ago it was), and went right out and bought one. When her Performa finally broke down, her husband bought her a PC from an informercial (?!?!) and quoted the same old FUD to me. It was a done deal, but I tried to counter each argument but he wasn’t listening. Now, 2 computers later, she told me proudly how she found a $500 Dell for her grandson. I don’t think she even considered a Mac Mini. I’m so disappointed in her. I have switched two people in my family to switch though.

  2. @ NoMacForYou RE:

    “I don’t know who this character is that keeps commenting on BSODs. I haven’t had one of those since my Mom upgraded her eMachine to XP Home.”

    … Bill Gates had one when he “upgraded” to Longhorn in his keynote last month … so there’s more enjoyment coming your way! Best of luck, ya suffer fiend.

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