New rivals help elevate Apple Computer’s mystique

“With handset makers, and just about everyone else, clamoring for a piece of Apple’s pie, the question arises: Could history repeat itself? Could Apple, whose shares are up 290 percent since the start of 2004, lose its shine much as happened in the late 1980s vs. Microsoft? Or are the new rivals actually providing a tailwind for Apple, at least for the next several months, if not longer? I think it’s the latter,” Bambi Francisco writes for CBS MarketWatch.

“More competition just elevates Apple’s brand to another seductive, unquantifiable, cool-factor level that consumers are willing to pay for. Apple’s the new status symbol of the generation. Kids may not care which brand of jeans they’re wearing these days, but it’s absolutely not cool if you don’t have an Apple,” Francisco writes. “Despite all the negative press that Carly Fiorina is getting these days, following her ouster as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, at least she did one thing right. She partnered with Apple to sell HP versions of the iPod, rather than try to compete. Even Motorola isn’t dumb enough to compete against Apple. On Monday, the handset maker unveiled the E1060, which will feature Apple’s iTunes music player. In fact, all Motorola handsets will feature Apple’s iTunes as the default music player.”

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  1. Unfortunately, Bambi bites when it comes to comparing computers–suggesting you can get a comparably equipped Dell laptop for $500 less is BS as far as I can tell, certainly when you take into account the software. And software=functionality, which is what smart consumers care about.

  2. has anyone actually seen this new e1060 phone? the phone looked pretty ass-tastic, in the spyshots i’ve seen…

    why couldn’t they just drop iTunes in a RAZR phone?


  3. She is wrong you can put anything you want into your iPod shuffle, I know I own one, its as easy as ‘click, drag and drop’, random uploading is an option. Her opinion is $kewed.

  4. calm down RT, you have to finish reading bambi’s entire article before you going nuts. She was doing a very basic price comparison to make a point.


    There are clearly comparable products to Apple’s out there that are cheaper and even offer more.
    But Apple’s brand seems to carry far more weight with consumers.
    Apple’s brand represents stature, rock-solid industrial design, reliability, and elegant aesthetics. It’s a premium that consumers are willing to pay for, and unwilling to sacrifice just for a cheaper price.
    //end quote

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