Steve Jobs: Disney’s Eisner ‘a loose cannon’

“Michael Eisner is still getting under Steve Jobs’ skin. During a conference call with analysts on Thursday, Jobs took aim at the Walt Disney Co. chief executive, referring to him as a ‘loose cannon.’ Jobs, the chief executive of both Pixar Animation Studios and Apple Computer Inc., was asked about a dig Eisner took at Pixar last week at an investor conference at Walt Disney World in Florida. Responding to a question about the Burbank entertainment giant’s own digital efforts, Eisner described as ‘pretty pathetic’ the computerized human characters created by Pixar, compared with the ones Disney itself is working on with veteran animator Glen Keane, director of the studio’s forthcoming film ‘Rapunzel Unbraided,'” Claudia Eller reports for The Los Angeles Times.

“Jobs said sarcastically: ‘Our films don’t stack up to ‘Atlantis,’ ‘Emperor’s New Groove’ or ‘Treasure Planet.” All three were hand-drawn Disney disappointments. Jobs then made the loose-cannon reference, saying he figured that it explained why Eisner would say such a thing,” Eller reports.

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  1. Why would anyone make a movie with “realistic” CGI human characters when real-life actors are still available? CGI is a tool that is best used with a lot of imagination, something that Michael Eisner’s Disney lacks compared to their Pixar counterparts.

  2. Hmmm… not sure I’d be interested in another movie about “Hair” – much less an animated one – the original was controversial enough.

    And Eisner appears to be turning into more of a liability than an asset for Disney rather quickly, too. Wonder if the board will really allow him continue to make many more such blunderous statements without losing any sort of authority through the end of his contract in 2006 – after all, all that “pretty pathetic” stuff that Pixar did while with Disney helped keep the Mouse in the black, didn’t it?


    I’ve seen Steve fight, he’s got a couple of cannons strapped to his shoulders.

    And Eisner deserves a royal ass kicking too, he’s been ripping off Disney and paying his cronnies for years now.

    Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave, trying to get out even, to get the piece of sh^t Eisner back with his israeli cronnies where he belongs.

  4. Pixar ARE the new Disney.

    Disney’s days are numbered – the company lacks imagination and is loosing so much money it’s ridiculous.

    Their theme parks are lossing money like a bucket with holes in it.

    I heard Disney owe $60 billion in bank loans etc.

    Ironic really, considering that PIXAR is responsible for over 60% of disney’s profits for the last 4 years!

    Very few of Disney’s cartoons/movies within the last 4 years have broken even in the Cinema – let alone made any profit.

    Says it all really!

  5. …… and if Michael Eisner had been around all those years ago, he would have advised Walt that his mouse had ears that were too big to be realistic and that mice don’t talk either.

    Is there a competition that’s suddenly started out between CEOs, to see who can make the biggest fool of themselves ?

    Michael Eisner’s effort is certainly quite a worthy entry and might ordinarily have put him in front, but Chris Gorog played a blinder last week with his comment about iPod owners being stupid and it will need a really strong effort from Eisner to overtake Gorog.

  6. all your disneys & eisners are belong to us……..

    ’nuff said ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    mdn magic word = served
    as in Steve Jobs has served noticed on these industry clowns: Apple OWNS your asses! So shut up & quit making these foolish comments to the press!

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