“In the survey of almost 2,000 ad executives, brand managers and academics by online magazine Brandchannel, Apple ousted search engine Google from last year’s top spot,” Trevor Datson reports for Reuters. “The annual survey asks respondents to rate the impact of a particular brand on people’s lives, and does not attempt to quantify its financial value.”

“Apple… topped both the global and North American rankings in the poll, displacing Google despite the splash caused by the search engine’s $1.7 billion auction-style initial public offering last year,” Datson reports. “Apple, which launched the iPod three years ago, has sold 10 million of them, but the fact that almost half of these were moved in the final quarter of 2004 suggests an avalanche in demand. ‘Apple’s just done an extraordinary job with innovation, technology and design. The iPod is what has put Apple in the lead this year,’ Brandchannel Editor Robin Rusch said.”

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