Will Windows users abandon ship for Apple’s Mac mini?

“The Apple iPod has had unprecedented success… The interesting thing about the iPod is that it has extended its success beyond the Macintosh realm and into the world of PC. In fact, though this is pure speculation, I would venture to say that there are oogles more PC users with iPods than Macintosh users,” Deron Dantzler writes for The South Carolina Times and Democrat. “Trying to glean off that success, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs [recently] introduced… the brand new Mac Mini.”

“With the new Mac Mini, Apple is making a strong push for your desktop space, but rest assured they aren’t asking for much. The Mac Mini is a Macintosh computer that is about 2 inches tall, 6 inches deep and 6 inches wide. It is without doubt one of the most innovative designs that has been brought to the computer world in quite some time, and perhaps the biggest note that is surrounding it is its price. Sitting at just $499, Apple has finally released a product that is perhaps priced low enough to help the company cut its way into the PC market share,” Dantzler writes.

“The big question surrounding the machines is: Will they be successful? I have no doubt in my mind that within the next few weeks there will be PCs released to the market, probably lower priced with a similar-sized shell. We’ll see a new breed of minicomputers try to compete against one another, but I’m itching to know if the Mac Mini will have marked success in the PC market where low-priced hardware has dominated for so long over the supposed stability in the marriage of Apple hardware and Mac OS. I guess only time will tell,” Dantzler writes.

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  1. I think that one of the reasons that the mac mini will be so popular is because it is an inexpensive Mac. Apple could have probably made the Mac mini a small sized tower rather than the squat little box it is and it would still sell well.

    It’s the OS Stupid!

    Dell could make a small form factor PC, but all that will do is take sales away from their cheap Dimension 2400/3000, not hurt the Mac mini.

    Besides, Dell (and the other wannabes) will just screw it up – BIG surprise. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. “…………Another MacWorld has come and gone and in it’s wake… “Switchers”

    Kansas City, Missouri – “What is a switcher?” you ask from underneath your rock. A switcher is a Windows PC user who is fed up with viruses, spyware and system crashes and decides to give a Mac a try…..”

    The above is from an article posted…here

    A great read, for those fed up with the rantings of weenies like Thurott, Enderle et al !

  3. Right on Macnut. The physical side of the mini is stunning but they really should LOOK BEYOND THE BOX.

    The fact that they are not so often probably gives us a big clue as to why they ended up on windows machines in the first place.

  4. …..”Will Windows users abandon ship for Apple’s Mac mini?…..”

    A few will, but 99.9% won´t. Still that .1% is a lot of new computer buyers for Apple.

    Unfortunately, Apple does not have enough supply on hand (again) and is missing out on all the free publicity and the impulse buys it would have reaped.

    I doubt Dell will bring out a mini computer. The big black Dell computer makes it look like one is getting more for their money than a more compact box would.

  5. I was pumped last weekend and was going to buy a Macmini at the local Apple store (Tigard, Oregon – Washington Square Mall).
    But they were all sold out when I got there.
    Now a week later I am not so sure I will buy a Mac Mini. The impulse is gone. If they would have had it in stock I would have bought it.
    Now I figure I will just wait until after Tiger OS comes out and the 3+ Ghz dual Powermac.

  6. Two reasons most PC owners won´t switch:
    1. Games.
    2. Other software. Prime example: Dragon Naturally Speaking 8. Only available on PC. It lets you talk to your computer and writes everything you say. The new version is great! I am amazed by it – the accuracy is like about 99%.
    It will never come to Mac (or so they say).

  7. I do not understand this facination with getting people to switch, do you really want everybody in your club? The world seems to work best with variety included. What is your Mac missing that you guys feel having PC people as users will ad to the experience. Some people like macdonal’s hanburgers should we all eat them. no thanks

  8. DBS, are you using Safari?

    If so, you can check spelling as you type. Next time you have the cursor in a text box (like the one used to input a post to MDN) turn on “Check Spelling as You Type” in the Edit > Spelling menu. It stays on for all text boxes thereafter.

  9. Anyway … it’s not about market share ..
    it’s about expanding the user base which will ensure that Apple is around for a long time and will always be an alternative and an innovator …

    That is ensured now … so Apple can plan even better for the future ..without the worry of being eliminated …

    Mac users will now make sure that never happens … what company would not kill for 20 – 30 million loyal customers … who won’t jump ship at a “cheaper” version of their product …

  10. eric “Anyway … it’s not about market share ..”
    IT IS about market share.
    If there are 20-30 million mac owners and none are buying mac computers apple market share is 0,zero,nadda,nothing.
    Market share only counts what is sold last quarter or last year.

    And don´t fool yourself, Apple does not have 20-30 million loyal customers. It just has that many who have bought one or more Apple computers since they started making computers.
    But that does not mean they will buy another Apple in the future. I (our family) have 3 Apple computers and 5 PCs.
    We are loyal to what we think gives us the best for our money for the particular need. Sometimes Apple, sometimes not.

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