DashboardDeveloper launches a new community for developers of Mac OS X Tiger ‘widgets’

DashboardDeveloper (http://www.dashboarddev.com) is a new community for developers of “widgets”, mini-applications for Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger. While Tiger won’t be available to the public for quite some time, DashboardDeveloper is giving developers the opportunity to start developing and sharing their creations.

DashboardDeveloper’s revolutionary Showcase (http://www.dashboarddev.com/showcase) section is a custom-built forum for
widget sharing. Developers can upload widgets and screenshots along with a description and detailed version information. Other users can download and leave comments on the widgets.

Developers have already started creating Dashboard widgets and DashboardDeveloper wants to reward them. DashboardDeveloper will give a Mac mini to the developer of our users’ favorite widget. On February 18, users will vote for their favorite widget in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and purpose. For more information, visit http://www.dashboarddev.com/contest.

DashboardDeveloper is a member of MUGnetwork (http://www.mugnetwork.com), a group of Mac-related internet communities including iCompositions.com, MacDesktops.net, TigerTracker.net, and MUGradio.com. MUGnetwork will soon launch DashboardWidgets.com, a portal for end-users in search of widgets.


  1. Any comments on the security of these things? What’s the chances that down the road they could harbor malware/spyware or otherwise be used with malicious intent? Maybe I’m just paranoid about having “ActiveX” type crap running on the Mac….

  2. theman-x:
    Sorry, but the link you supplied only contains a very poor argument. Its true, there is a lot of crap on the web, but there is a lot of crap everywhere, and if your really going to wage war on it, I wish you the best of luck.

    not to mention false information is also published in books all the time. The internet supplies nothing new, just a new way to get the old.

  3. Great idea.

    While Spotlight will be the most dramatic change, the communities that will build up around automator and dashboard will change the value proposition of Tiger in ways we can only imagine.

    Tiger is going to be the best upgrade of Tiger yet. And I can’t wait.

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    I am Ron Jeremy.

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