USA Today: Apple’s iPod shuffle should ‘send shivers through’ competitors

“I was testing the aptly named iPod shuffle, the latest gem from Apple Computer’s mushrooming iPod family. Shuffle earns its moniker from the ‘shuffle’ setting on larger iPods and other music devices. Songs that are culled from your entire music library or from specific playlists are played in random order. It’s the way I often listen with a regular iPod,” Edward C. Baig reports for USA Today.

“Shuffle is the first of the hugely popular iPod devices — more than 10 million are in circulation, 8 million of which were sold last year alone — to crack the two-digit price barrier. It costs $99 for a 512-megabyte ‘flash memory’ version and $149 for a 1-gigabyte model. Those prices undercut — and, I bet, send shivers through — the companies that make competing flash players,” Baig reports.

“I can imagine the budget iPod shuffle becoming a big gift item. And I wouldn’t be surprised to see current iPod users buying iPod shuffle as a second gizmo, dedicated to, say, their workouts. After all, it’s slim not just in price but also in size: It weighs under an ounce and is smaller than a pack of Trident. But it delivers big-time sound,” Baig reports.

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  1. Just another in a massive group of great things to be written about iPod shuffle. The comment about shuffle becoming a “2nd” or “additional” iPod is probably very true… would be interesting to see a state on that. I’ll be getting one just for the gym … I can leave my HD based iPod in the car.

  2. Hey Bill same here.
    I just came to the conclusion today that I want to leave my 30GB in the car (Honda Element) and get a shuffle for the gym, beach and whever I get out the car. I hate taking the 30gb in the house, because I sometimes forget it at home. It’s Shuffle Time!!!!

  3. Hey Bill, dont leave your iPod in your car, some iPod-rights activist might break in and take it out when you leave it alone, accusing you of misstreating your iPod.

  4. I dont see what the big deal is Apple cant meet damands for the shuffle. I ordered mine the day it was announce and I got a partial shippment with only the dock. I have an estimated ship date on or before the 22 of Feb. and a estimated ship date of 22 March on the sport case. Yippie.

  5. “I wouldn’t be surprised to see current iPod users buying iPod shuffle as a second gizmo”

    I also see first time shuffle buyers later adding a second upgrade iPod down the road. And then later. . . a mac?

    If their first mp3 player is a competitors, then it is less likely they will buy an iPod down the road. You have to get them on board, that’s what windows did more than 10 years ago.

  6. Dearest Joe,

    Mocha P4 7043 Junior – Barebone system¹ $419

    ¹ The barebone system does not include CPU, memory, hard disk and CD drive, It includes the casing, motherboard, CPU heatsink and blower, AC/DC Power supply, driver disk and manual.


    Magic word is “herself” HAHAHAHAHA

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