Microsoft’s Internet Explorer continues to lose share; Firefox, Safari, others show gains

“Internet Explorer is continuing to lose share to the open-source Firefox Web browser,” Matt Hicks reports for eWeek. “In the past month, use of Microsoft Corp.’s dominant browser fell another 1.5 percentage points to 90.3 percent. Meanwhile, the Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox browser rose 0.9 percentage points to reach 5 percent, Web analytics provider WebSideStory Inc. confirmed Thursday.”

“The numbers reflect shifts that occurred between Dec. 3 and Jan. 14. WebSideStory samples more than 30 million daily Internet users from more than 200 countries to determine the browser-usage shares,” Hicks reports. “Remaining browsers, which largely are Opera Software ASA’s namesake browser and Apple Computer Inc.’s Safari browser, showed a gain of almost a full percentage point. They reached a 2.1 percent usage share, compared with 1.3 percent a month earlier, according to WebSideStory.”

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  1. Hmmm, I wonder what the breakdown is between Opera and Safari. Too bad he lumped them together. However, all these stats must be taken with a grain of salt – many people on safari Mask themselves as windows users for compatibility. I know I have done that in the past but now I stay in “safari mode” as much as possible to make sure I am counted correctly.

    Any stats on operating systems available?

  2. Proof positive that the word is getting out. When nazi web developers who create web applications that are designed around Internet Explorer are forced to realize that they should have always been designing around industry standards, I’ll feel like MLK….Free at last, free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last.

  3. hey….

    cmon…the duke is just expressing his expected elation if / when web standards rule the internet !!

    Sure… it will be nice … when it happens …

    I often hear about people running into websites which wont allow Safari .. or any Mac browsers, but I dont recall ever running into that situation…

    If it ever happens… I just hit the back button.. and show that site my one finger salute !! (not necessarily in that order)

    But it is nice to think that Exploader is finally losing marketshare… This tells me that even PeeCeers are getting fed up with using crap…

    Today … IE …. Tomorrow …. MicroCrap, itself !!

    (well, we can dream, cant we ?)

  4. Of course, there’s really no reason to even HAVE IE installed on a Mac anymore, what with Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc., etc…. I haven’t found a website yet that won’t work with at least one of those browsers.

  5. I have an applciation at work entitled MDEIA BIN that only works with IE for full usage. YUou can get away with aome things in aSafari, but moving images, and downloading muliple images you have to use IE.

  6. Enable the Debug menu in Safari using the following Terminal command:-

    defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

    then set the User Agent to Windows MSIE 6.0.

    And that’s it.

  7. DaddySteve:

    If Dave H’s way is a bit too geek for you, download Onyx or TinkerTool and use them to turn the debug menu on and off at will.

    Personally, I prefer TinkerTool as Onyx (my version at least) seems to rely too much on being the machine’s admin.

    Dave H: no disrespect intended.

  8. Dave H:

    Yep, definitely one of the most fascinating space missions of recent times – and notable so far for not getting feet and metres mixed up, or for not getting lost halfway down a crater.

    I guess the next “mystery world” mission has to be Europa, which will probably be the first time I’ll get really excited since the days of Lunar Rover-based Apollo missions.

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