“In a CanalPDA.com exclusive, a top Apple executive confirmed that the company plans to build its own mobile carrier. According to Albert Slope, VP of Apple’s recently created Mobile Platforms and Services business unit, ‘creating our own mobile carrier is the next logical step in our strategy of providing the Apple experience to the users of our products. We believe that existing carriers are not offering the flexibility not the performance consumers deserve, so we have decided to move forward, providing cellphone users a full, personal communications and information environent, with the user-friendliness that has become synonymous with Apple’s products and services,'” CanalPDA.com reports.

“‘On the other hand,’ says Slope, ‘the sucess achieved by the iTunes Music Store has shown us the way to go: by selling songs to consumers at $0.99 apiece, we have accumulated a valuable expertise that will be most useful for billing them talking minutes,'” CanalPDA.com reports. “It’s still unclear whether the new mobile carrier (tentative name: AppleMobile) will be reachable with any mobile phone, or its services will be reserved for the iPhone family of cellphones. Also, still no word out on the ability of forthcoming iPhones to use existing networks, or a mandatory subscription to the new AppleMobile. Major telecom analysts are split on the merits of either decision: some of them say interoperability is key for having any chance, but others consider that betting on a closed environment, if risky, may propel Apple, if successful, to the top of the world mobile telecom market.”

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