Apple iPod replacement battery lasts longer, costs less, easy to install yourself

MacDailyNews recently received an email that may be of interest to more people than you would think, thanks to some misinformation floating about on the Web. For clarity’s sake, we’ll post the question and our anwser:

Q. Is it true that iPod users must send unit in to Apple to have battery changed at a cost of over $200.00?
A. No, it’s not true. You can do it yourself through a third party, such as Other World Computing’s (OWC, a MacDailyNews sponsor) and NewerTech’s high-capacity iPod replacement batteries (your iPod will play longer, up to 70% longer with over 20-hour runtimes reported, than with an Apple battery) for about US$25-US$39.95:

Or users can send their iPod into Apple and they’ll replace your iPod battery for a service fee of $99, plus $6.95 shipping:

We’d got the OWC route, it’s cheaper, easy enough to do yourself, and the batteries hold longer charges. has a review of the Newer Ultra High Capacity 2100mAh battery here.


  1. There’s one small caveat to this information. If your iPod is under warranty/Applecare, taking it apart voids your warranty. So, if its under warranty, go the Apple route. If its out of warranty, pick up a spare battery and do it yourself. If you’re wary of taking apart the ipod, many 3rd party specialists have service technicians were are more than glad to do it for you ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I have a 1st generation iPod and the battery works just fine after several years of use.

    It’s my collectors item now.

    To the FUD manure spreaders “your mouth is full of it!”

    (FUD = Fear Uncertainty and Doubt, a form of propaganda)

  3. That’s actuallty really cool! Now, if they would only make the stock iPod batteries last that long, not just the iPod photo…because you just can’t listen to too much music.

  4. There’s an opportunity for chain stores like Staples and Circuit City to get customers into your store. Just advertise an affordable replacement iPod battery with free installation. The new customers you attract will walk out purchasing other items as well. You’ll make a small profit on the iPod battery and gain new costumers.

    Win, win!!!

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