Time Warner raising Road Runner broadband speeds without increasing prices

“As part of an ongoing race in the cable industry, Time Warner Cable is raising the speed of its broadband Internet offerings to 5 and 8 million bits per second without increasing prices,” The Associated Press reports. “The higher speeds are available in New York City starting Tuesday and will roll out to the rest of the country in January.”

“Road Runner, the company’s broadband service, has been running on speeds of 3 mbps and its premium service on 6 mbps – generally faster than the competing DSL, or digital subscriber line, technology but a tad slower than some cable operators’ offerings,” AP reports. “Cablevision Systems Corp., Cox Communications Inc., Comcast Corp. and RCN Corp. all raised speeds earlier this year – without price rises – to between 4 mbps and 7 mbps. Time Warner hadn’t increased its speeds since September 2003.”

Full article here.


  1. cox cable here in connecticut better get their ass in gear. they’re internet and cable service has SUCKED lately. internet goes down all the time and the tv is clear maybe half the time. i think its a consipiracy to get people to switch to digital tv. maybe the figure people will get so frustrated with the crappy reception, they’ll pony up and go digital. NO DICE, COX CABLE! i won’t be stong-armed into an extra $20 a month.

  2. If I remember correctly, the small m is supposed to represent milli, which is one thousandth. When expressing millions, one is supposed to use M, which is Mega.

    So, in the article, it should be Mbps not mbps.

    I remember my systems engineering professor ripping on folks who screwed up units (and dimensional analysis) which he said is “very basic.”

  3. MB = Megabytes, so logically Mbps = Megabits per second

    I see manufacturers advertise hard disks as 80Gb rather than 80GB a lot. So it’s only 10GB in size then? Bit small, don’t you think?

    Now here is someone who gets it right.

    “effects” – crap lighting add-ons in old Dr. Who episodes.

  4. I too am an Earthlink subscriber, but I have DSL through BellSouth because Time Warner doesn’t service my area. I live 1/2 mile away from Time Warner subscribers. Kinda sucks, but it’s still 100x better than dial-up.

  5. I live between 2 small towns, both with Roadrunner. But I’m a few miles too far away. I’m glad TWC can invest in making these people have faster connections, instead of branching out and servicing new areas (even if those areas are right down the road). Literally.

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