USA Today columnist blasts Mac users and MacDailyNews in blog

“Mac Daily News [sic] (I like to think of it as the National Enquirer of the Mac world) switched Web hosts. It used to run on an OSX-based server, but as of November 9 it’s running on Linux,” USA Today columnist Andrew Kantor writes in his blog “I find this amusing — and telling.”

MacDailyNews Take: Andrew’s on quite a tear lately over in his blog, Our travels from server to server have nothing to do with operating systems and everything to do with the capacity to handle our growing traffic at sustainable rates. Right now, MacDailyNews is using a host that uses servers that are running Linux. We have also used Mac OS 9, Mac OS X and FreeBSD in the past. We probably will hit one or all of them again in the future – well, maybe not Mac OS 9 wink . Notice that we have never used a Windows-based server, nor will we ever. Now that’s actually quite telling. ‘Nix variants, when offered by a robust host with reasonable rates, are all in play, with Mac OS X our primary choice when it’s available. This site was designed on Mac OS, the articles are written on machines running Mac OS X and we endorse Mac OS X completely for servers and many other uses.

Elsewhere in his blog, Kantor writes things like, “I know that the Mac folks are desperate to believe that everyone is out to get them. They have these knee-jerk reactions if someone says something less than wonderful about any Mac product… Daring to question to superiority of anything from Apple is unacceptable. When Steve Jobs leaves the bathroom, it smells like roses, I’m sure… The Mac is a good machine, probably a great machine. But it’s suffered, in part, from a lack of good media coverage. Why? No one wants to write about it. Why? Because no one wants to deal with Mac users.”

Kantor continues with his digital equivalent of foaming at the mouth, “I asked some writer friends of mine — folks who cover technology — about Mac/Apple coverage. And their reaction was the same: They won’t bother writing about Macs because the Mac community is too much trouble to deal with… One person (no, I won’t mention names) laughed — electronically, anyway — when I told him about the kooky reactions I got from Mac users. ‘Why would you write about the Mac?” he said. ‘I could have told you, you can never satisfy those people.’ Mac users are their own worst enemies. If a writer is attacked for not agreeing that everything that comes out of the company is wonderful, why would he or she every write about Mac again? It’s easier just to ignore the company. A lot of Mac users seem to think there’s a conspiracy against their computers. Not exactly. It’s more of a feeling among tech writers that — once again — it’s just not worth it.”

MacDailyNews Take: Using Andrew’s “logic,” a war correspondent who is attacked in letters by people for or against said war, should stop reporting about the war, because it’s just not worth the hassle to the lazy reporter safe in his office; soldiers and people in the war-torn country be damned. At least we’ve gained some insight as to why some reporters think it’s okay to ignore the Mac platform. We wonder what else they’re ignoring for the sake of their own comfort?

Kantor’s site is here. He’s added direct feedback to his columns – wonder where he got that idea?

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  1. He’s not wrong you know, for some of his points. Macs aren’t perfect. I’m writing this message on a Windows XP because after I installed teh latest security update, I cannot use my Airport or my Ethernet on my Powerbook. Seem like a Windows problem? I thought so too.


  2. I thought getting a reaction out of an article was a good thing? I guess I was wrong… Maybe it’d be better if no one read, or reacted to Kantor’s articles in the future.. maybe he’d feel better about himself then?

  3. Mac users tend to go ballistic because these so-called tech writers tend to make so many mistakes. Mac users can take criticism of the platform but we will not stand for inaccuracies.

    Tech writers are rarely journalists. Hell, true journalists are practically extinct.

  4. Yes, MDN, he’s spot on. You guys have always been entirely too unwilling to point out flaws in Apple stuff, or concede points to the other side, even in the face of solid evidence. Be impassioned, by all means, but be reasonable at the same time. For God’s sake, most of the time you come off like Fox News.

    And yeah, you look pretty lousy switching away from OS X–especially since you never mentioned that’s what you were doing when you did it!! As a site dedicated to all things mac, I’m shocked you even considered a non OS X server solution. If you’re saying that there aren’t any OS X hosting companies out there that can serve your needs, then Apple has a real problem. If you’re not willing to eat the chili, then how can you endorse the chili? sad, MDN, very sad.

  5. This is one Mac user who will not ever flame Mr. Kantor because I have no interest in what he has to say. Not even enough interest to reply to his recent rant reported in this MDN article. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”zipper” style=”border:0;” /> I am content to let MDN fight these battles, which they do with far more expertise than I shall ever be able to muster.

  6. Why are we surprised that someone blasts MDN? MND blast all the time and especially those who post comments in here. The word “hate” is abusively over used in here and that’s shameful.
    You want to support and admirer a product; then do it objectively. Some immature minds in here hinders Apple�s image more than their think are supporting it.

  7. This guy and the USA Today obviously have Dan Rather syndrome. They just can’t handle it when someone from the outside demands that they report the entire truth and not just their slanted version of the “facts” like they’re used to doing.

  8. Andrew Kantor has a point. I’m often disgusted by the crap some of the crazier Mac nuts out there write. Take a intelligent stance for once crazy people. If you see an error, correct it and move on.

  9. MDN is spot on regarding lazy reporters. Can you believe Kantor admitted he wouldn’t cover a story if his readers gave him too much feedback in his email?

    Also, Kantor is fat and bald. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cheese” style=”border:0;” />

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