Apple’s Keynote makes better-looking presentations than Microsoft’s PowerPoint

“Apple Computer and Microsoft have risen (or stooped) to various levels of audacity over the years in copying each other’s innovations. Amid that history, few bids have been bolder than Apple’s January 2003 introduction of Keynote – an application aiming to compete head-to-head with Microsoft’s hugely popular Powerpoint presentation program,” Eric Convey reports for The Boston Herald.

“When it comes to range of tools and flexibility, PowerPoint wins. With its multiple tablets and huge range of options, the program lets an experienced user do all sorts of things,” Convey reports. “But Apple programs are seldom about letting experts do everything. More often, they’re designed to let people who are less than experts do an awful lot easily. Keynote fits this model.”

Convey reports, “I’ve used PowerPoint weekly for a teaching gig for the past two school years. I know my way around the program and like it. But I’m no expert, and after 15 minutes with Keynote I found I was able to make better-looking presentations that run a little more smoothly than the Microsoft presentations. Keynote, at $99, costs about half as much as freestanding PowerPoint. But PowerPoint often comes as part of Microsoft Office, putting the program on many a business user’s desktop. For a Mac user looking to add presentation software, Keynote wins. Making good-looking presentations is almost ridiculously easy.”

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  1. Keynote is really good, but does have a couple of deal-killers for productivity, namely master page alterations. Here’s to hoping for a 2.0.

  2. I like Keynote a heck of a whole lot, but I hate to say that PowerPoint has more functionality. In order to make a looping presentation, I had to export to Quicktime and play the movie on loop instead of just looping from Keynote.

  3. Keynote is easy to use. Take very little time to trow some graphics and text on a couple pages and with some slick animations and transitions have a very professional-looking presentation in minimal time. It does most of the job most of the time. That said, I’d also appreciate some polish and more powerful features.

    Where’s that all-new AppleWorks? I coud use a good and simple document writer and spreadsheet. Of course it has to be fully MS compatible… Nevermind.

  4. However and, in some sense much more functional, Keynote’s files are stored in XML, so you can generate a presentation from other programs, like 4th Dimension.

    Each application have its pros and cons.

    By the other hand, Apple’s Keynote is in version 1.x while MS PowerPoint is in version what? 6?

    Also: “Apple Computer and Microsoft have risen (or stooped) to various levels of audacity over the years in copying each other’s innovations”. The writer here seems to say that Apple is as much a thief as MS but, haveing more than twice the patents than MS, I think Apple is not accustomed to that. Wel, that is what I think…

  5. rick.. Copying MS? Well.. er.. in so far as.. a Pres. package was developed because Steve didn’t think PP was good enough.. okay hahaha.. just like Safari.. lol

    thus weakening MS’ leverage..

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