Medion Portable MP3 JukeBox features Apple iPod-like scroll wheel, direct digital photo transfers

Introducing the “Medion AG Portable MP3 JukeBox220 MD” which features a 20 GB hard drive, 8 hr. battery life, shock protection, and also serves as mobile media storage unit (via USB 2.0) for documents, pictures (unlike Apple’s iPod photo, direct transfer from digital cameras is possible) & presentations, accoding to Medion. The unit features a mono blue backlit LCD 160×128 pixel display.

This portable music player also features, according to our own rough translation, “a unique navigation touchpad,” which closely resembles Apple’s patent-pending iPod scroll wheel.

The unit measures 107.5 x 65 x 18 mm (4.21 x 2.56 x 0.71 inches) and weighs 170 grams (6 ounces).

This product is currently available from Medion’s German website for €222,00 (approximately US$275) and plays WMA-DRM, WMA, and MP3 according to Medion’s website. Supported operating systems are Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP.

Medion’s German website is here. Naviagte to the product’s page by clicking “Medionshop,” then “TV, Video & HiFi,” and finally “Tragbare CD- und MP3-Player,” then scroll down to the last item.


  1. This item had been on special sale for 199 Euro at one of the large German food discount chains (ALDI).
    At that occasion it was tested by “Stiftung Warentest”, Germany’s major consumer goods test institution. These guys have previously been critical of iTMS and of some Apple products, while they gave high marks to the iBook. The take home message of the test ( was: “a weak attempt at copying the iPod”.
    While they attributed good sound quality, they claimed that the “scroll wheel” doesn’t really scroll and is too slow, all the other buttons and controls are finicky to operate.
    Take home message: even if they try to copy 1:1 they can’t match the original.
    One thing though: they are honest with their description. The 20 GB, according to Medion, pack “up to 5000 songs, depending on compression rate”, and the battery life is the 8 hours of the 3G iPod.

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