Apple to build ‘entertainment server’ positioning Intel, HP, Dell, Microsoft as ‘possible losers’

“Merrill Lynch said Apple Computer seems a likely candidate to build an entertainment server based on its iPod, iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD and AirPort Express products. ‘If the PC loses out to the game console or entertainment server, there will be winners and losers,’ Merrill Lynch said. It listed IBM, Sony and Apple as potential winners, while Intel, Hewlett-Packard and Dell would be possible losers. ‘Even if successful with Xbox, Microsoft may have more to lose given its PC dominance,’ Merrill Lynch said,” Forbes reports. “The research firm added that it’s premature to know which device will become the centerpiece of the digital family room of the future, saying it doubts that PCs will win because they are too complex and unstable.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if IBM, Apple, and Sony emerged to dominate the digital home and the mediocre Microsofts and Dells of the world were swept away into the dustbin of history? It certainly would be wonderful for the average consumer.


  1. Boy, that’s some disclaimer.

    This post is brought to you by the magic word “nuclear” — nukelar to G-Dubya. Hey, why not sell magic words instead! MacDonalds … Ford … Dell … Windows … and all that crap. If they’re stupid enough to pay….

  2. JJ..

    Relax ?? ….. lol !!

    I dunno about you… but when was the last time you saw Billy Gates ..stock numbers look like ..this…??

    And when you compare them too the current AAPL.. numbers…. its not time to relax…. its time to pah-ty !!…

    In fact… when AAPL reaches $100…. we’re all going over to our resident stock anylists house ..(MCCFR).. and toss back a few !!

    Are you game ??

  3. Apple is the ONLY ONE with all of the parts, reliable server hardware and industry standard audio and video codecs, to be able to do this successfully. With MS Windows quickly falling out of the pubic favor, it’s difficult to imagine the general population warmly embracing an entertainment box from them. “Spyware on my set-top box monitoring everything I watch and do, and vulnerable to the same 100,000 viruses?! How do you install anti-virus software into a set-top box?!!”

    Microsoft/MSN has a solid history of living room box failures. Such a history is difficult to overcome.

    I could see Apple producing a “box”, an entertainment central server, that completely hides behind the TV, and has a 2-way interface with an iPod-like remote. Other than to/from the TV and stereo, it’d all be wireless and able to communicate to any Airport device, including computers. All you need is another remote and an Airport Express to expand it to any room. No need to run cable TV or ethernet wires between rooms, and with 128-bit encryption, no neighbors can steal your cable or data. One very simple central server for ALL audio, video and computer data needs in a home.

    Apple already has all of the parts for this simple, yet powerful, device.

  4. Merrill Lynch? – arnt they a bunch of anal-ists? WFT do they know abuot the future? They cant get a grip on the present for christs sake. They are just another emotion driven stock market flusy.

  5. JJ…

    Hey…. 32 shares certainly qualifies you !!

    I bet you’ll be in the partying mood, too when the $100 mark happens !!

    But I was waiting for MCCFR’s reaction to me “inviting” everyone over to his house !!

    lol !!

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