Apple releases Xserve RAID Admin Tools 1.3.2

Apple today released Xserve RAID Admin Tools 1.3.2 which improves overall reliability and is recommended for all users. If you are using Xserve RAID in an Xsan environment, you must upgrade the Xserve RAID with the firmware in this release. The versions of RAID Admin and Xserve RAID firmware in this release should replace all earlier versions. Key enhancements include:

– 400GB hard drive support
– Improved integration with Xsan cluster file system software
– Fixed LUN ID compatibility issue with older Xserve RAID firmware 1.1-117a and 1.2-116f
– Enhanced “Repair LUN Map” function to repair entries with a missing LUN ID or more than one LUN ID
– RAID Admin locks out certain operations on Xserve RAID units with older incompatible firmware
– Fixed case where masking LUN 0 prevented other LUNs from being discovered on some host computers
– Corrected response to SCSI REPORT LUNS command where large allocation length caused an incorrect LUN list length

More info and download link (4.7MB) here.

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