That’s iPod photo, not Photo, to you, bub!

iPodLounge is reporting that Apple has tweaked the name of its iPod Photo to iPod photo (lower case “p”) in an apparent attempt to unify its iPod product names. “The product’s name now matches that of the iPod mini. Apple’s Web site appears to have been quietly made over to reflect the name change. According to readers, Apple resellers and members of the Apple Consultants Network received confirmation of the change from the company earlier today.” currently refers to the former “iPod Photo” and the “iPod photo” here.

MacDailyNews Take: On iPod photo’s release day, we “mistyped” it “photo” instead of “Photo” about 20 times, as we (obviously rightly) expected it to match “mini.” We feel better now. All is right with the world again! grin


  1. “So when are they announcing the iPod u2?”

    Worse yet: It’s “<A >iPod U2 Special Edition</A>”.

    So perhaps it needs to be iPod u2 special edition?

    Oh, and maczc, the 2 is already lowercase. Otherwise, we’d all be asking “Where’s U@?” (Hmm…sounds like a Prince song)

  2. It’s not *that* much of a change. The iPod Photo is called “iPod photo” all throughout its manual. (But I still like capitalizing it, same as I’d capitalize any full name.)

  3. The U2 version doesn’t have to be lowercase, that’s part of where your extra $50 goes to.

    Besides, it’s “Special” ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  4. The lower case “p” doesn’t seem to be used on some of the Apple site pages (as of Wednesday morning the 17th). The banner below goes to a page where the “P” is still uppercase throughout.

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