Sick of malware infecting your PC?  Run screaming to Apple’s Macintosh

“In running a computer repair business, I think I am seeing more PCs in a typical week than the average bear. And there are some trends emerging that I think are really disturbing. The spyware and adware people really are ruining the computing experience for a lot of us,” James Derk writes for Scripps Howard News Service.

“After returning a computer to a grateful customer, more often than not they will ask, ‘How did all of this junk even get on my PC?’ And more often than not, it was not something they did intentionally. A pop-up will jump out and say ‘you have spyware on your PC! Click here to remove it.’ Many people will do just that and WHAMMO you’re infected. More infections will build on those and pretty soon your PC is unusable thanks to hundreds of pop-ups or slowed down to a crawl via tons of spyware,” Derk writes.

“Removing it is no big deal if you’re comfortable with the Windows registry and some of the current tools out there. But what percentage is the computing population is that? I have to wonder how many people are running screaming to Apple products just for this scourge alone,” Derk writes.

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  3. I personally wish a lot more people were switching to the Mac than appear to be. Apple has to really start advertising Macs and their OS… but I preach to the choir here.. :p

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