Beleaguered Gateway announces ‘iPod Photo killer’ (with image)

“Gateway will finally ship its long-awaited own-brand digital music player on 15 November, more than a year after its first move on the market was planned to debut,” Tony Smith reports for The Register. “The Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox incorporates a 4GB hard drive and a 1.6in, 128 x 128 TFT colour display in its compact 96.4g, 9.6 x 5.9 x 1.7cm shell.”

“The device is pitched at Microsoft Windows Media 10-based music services – one month’s access to Napster’s Napster To Go offering is included… In addition to WMA and MP3, the unit also supports ACC, for which we think gateway means AAC, the format chosen by Apple for the iPod, though Gateway notes that its machine doesn’t support iTunes Music Store downloads,” Smith reports. “Picture support is limited to JPEG and BMP files, and can grab photos straight from a digital camera, via its USB 2.0 port. The MP3 Photo Player includes enough RAM – 32MB – for 16 minutes’ anti-skip playback and provides up to eight hours’ continuous music play thanks to an 820mAh battery… The MP3 Photo Player is set to ship on 15 November for $250.”

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Gateway’s Press Release:

The new Gateway(TM) MP3 Photo Jukebox will give music lovers a new fun, affordable and very convenient way to take their favorite music and photos with them wherever they go.

The new Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox will make anyone currently on a waiting list for other mini-digital music players think twice. The new Gateway jukebox combines 4GB of storage in a small and lightweight 3.4-ounce design, with cool new features including a large color display, digital photo storage, and a removable and rechargeable battery.(1)

“This feature-rich digital music player is very small, sleek, easy to use and offers a combination of features that can’t be found anywhere else in the market,” said Ed Fisher, senior vice president of product planning for Gateway, Inc. “Combine its affordable price, unique features, music service
compatibility and out-of-the box Napster To Go Service, and you’ve got a great holiday gift for music lovers of all ages.”

The new device promotes a new way of enjoying digital music. Right out of the box, the jukebox comes ready to download music content directly from the new Napster To Go service, the world’s first portable subscription service. Available as a plug-in through the new free Windows Media Player 10, Napster To Go gives music lovers unlimited access to more than a million songs for one low monthly price. Rather than having to purchase individual songs a la carte, Gateway customers can use Napster To Go to get unlimited fill-ups of their MP3 Photo Jukebox. For a limited time, a prepaid month of Napster To Go is provided at no cost with the MP3 Photo Jukebox and customers who want to subscribe after the prepaid month pay only the $14.95 monthly fee.(2)

“Napster To Go offers an amazing value to consumers and the new Gateway MP3 Jukebox lets them experience this revolutionary portable subscription service on a smart, simple, affordable device full of features that are important to die-hard music fans and novices alike,” said Laura Goldberg, Napster’s COO. “We are extremely pleased that Gateway has developed a quality device that complements Napster’s service and will enable consumers to make the most of their digital music experience.”

Moving beyond the typical black-and-white displays available on most MP3 players, the Gateway jukebox boasts a large 1.6-inch, vibrant color display. The crisp and bright images give music lovers a better way to navigate their music library and view track information.

Unlike most other digital music players, the Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox can store and display digital photos. This unique feature is perfect for people traveling on vacation or business who find they’ve maxed out their camera’s capacity, or who simply want to carry a collection of photos along with their digital music. Transferring photos to the MP3 Photo Jukebox is easy; the jukebox can be connected directly to a digital camera with the included USB 2.0 cable. By simply connecting the two devices and following the prompts, the photos are quickly transferred. The Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox can be used to view digital photos one by one or in a slideshow format, giving the customer even more enjoyment out of the large color display.

The Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox is simple to use. The large 1.6 inch color display is easy to read, whether viewing photos, playlists or track information. The intuitive scroll navigation makes accessing and managing content quick and easy. Music can be browsed by album, artist, genre, track or playlist, and modes such as shuffle and repeat tailor the music mix. Plus, music lovers can personalize their listening experience with more than 20 different equalizer settings.

After filling their Gateway jukebox with music and other content, Gateway customers have maximum listening time ahead of them, since the battery delivers more than eight hours of play time on a single charge.(3) And unlike most other digital music players, the battery can be removed and recharged.

Comfortable to carry in a pocket or purse, the Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox is compact and sleek. It measures only 3.8in x 2.3in x 0.7in (L x W x D) and weighs just 3.4 ounces — less than most cell phones. And while the size is small, the sound quality is big. The Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox delivers clean, crisp high-fidelity sound. Its large 4GB of storage capacity can house up to 1,000 MP3 songs — so an entire collection of great music can always be on hand.

The Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox will include the new Windows Media Player 10, offering Gateway customers more music and more choices including built-in access to a broad range of digital music services. It also includes the new Auto Sync feature, which automatically synchronizes customer’s digital music collections and photos from a PC to their new Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox.

Gateway plans to verify the new MP3 Photo Jukebox with the PlaysForSure logo when it ships in November. The PlaysForSure logo offers consumers a symbol of verified support for a broad range of music download services. This will also include support for the state-of-the-art Windows Media DRM 10 for music subscription services. Using a portable subscription service like Napster To Go, Gateway customers can fill their jukebox with enough music to fill hundreds of CDs, at a price of just a single CD.

Priced at just $249.99 the Gateway MP3 Photo Jukebox comes with an AC Adapter, soft cover bag and ear bud headphones.


  1. *blink blink* in my arrogrance I must be ignoring something important. . . RIPOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

    PlaysForSure? Not if I don’t buy one, then it’s NoPlayAtAll. Loosers. Sorry developers of this pathetic device you suck. Time to go back to sleep.

  2. It’s a noble attempt, but they don’t go far enough. The screen is smaller and the resolution is lower (128×128). The supported image file formats is very sad compared to iPod Photo.

    I’m confident that direct hookup to cameras will be supported by the iPod Photo through third-party cables.

  3. the photo transfer is the one thing that is missing from the line of iPods

    that is the only thing this device has going for it

    regardless, it will probably be forgotten a few weeks (or days) after it’s release

    If they iPod photo, or any new iPod had this feature, I would buy one (upgrade my 3g) right now

    I care not about the picture viewing, I just want to be able to download my camera

  4. A 1.6″ color screen is “large”? Are you kidding me? Yesterday, the press was criticizing Apple for the iPod Photo’s “tiny” 2″ display…

    And what the heck good is a 4 GB hard drive?

    Gateway’s problem is that they don’t have a business plan other than “change business plans every 6-12 months and hope we don’t go bankrupt in the meantime.”

    Gateway should have stuck with the cow-themed computers…


    *sniff* Oh, man. That was funny, Gateway. You guys crack me up. Thanks for that one.

    Make buyers of other player “think twice”. Woo! That’s funny stuff.

  6. Wow, that interface looks amazing….

    That’s the one thing they all lack. I didn’t realize just how great iPod’s controls were until i finally got one earlier this week.

  7. it looks ugly and its ugly and its ugly.

    BUT FOR $249. You have gotta be kidding me.

    Although this is not an iPod mini or iPod killer, it looks like the iPod competition is really heating up.

    Apple offers 40 Gb, with colour screen for $499. Double that what gateway charges. Its a pretty good deal not matter how ugly the thing is.

  8. This is a joke along with the Ashely Simpson iPod right?

    Gateway is like Dick Chenney….. MOO! ohhh, they both just died.

    (This is not a political attack…. it is a personal joke on Chenneys health condition…. so keep your politics to yourself please… lets not kill this thread with 5 billion political responses to my attempt at humor)

  9. I’m wondering how the portable subscription works.

    Do the songs suddenly expire on the music device after a certain amount of time or do they play until you hook it up to your computer so it can check if you still have a subscription?

    I’d be highly pissed if I took my mp3 player somewhere only to find out that all the music had expired.

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