Microsoft could learn a lot from Apple’s iPod

“As widely rumored, today, Apple released an iPod with color screen that synchronizes digital images as well as music. It’s called simply: iPod Photo,” Joe Wilcox writes for Microsoft Monitor. “I think Microsoft and some of its competitors could learn some lessons from Apple


  1. MDN’s take is right on. Other companies just don’t get what Apple is doing with the “Digital Hub” concept, and those that do are playing catch-up with inferior products and services.

    I was just reading the Slashdot thread about the iPod Photo and a surprising number of posters are pooh-poohing it as nothing special and was doomed to failure. I was highly amused when someone linked to his blog and decisively demonstrated that the nay-sayers were clueless about the ‘Pod from the very beginning, and they’re just as wrong about the iPod Photos chances of success.Funny stuff. How would like your crow served?

    Personally, I don’t think there will be enough salesdroids to handle the demand for iPods this holiday season. They’re just going to back up the delivery trucks to the checkouts and let the customers grab one on the way out. They are the absolute must-have item this year.

  2. As Steve has said about many of Apple’s products.. ‘they still haven’t matched our first version!’

    I remember when they unwrapped the 12″ and 17″ Powerbooks.. it was amazing.. and they were saying, “We can’t believe it.. the original 15″ PB was released way back in 2001 and the competitors still haven’t matched it”

    With the iPod.. the competitors still haven’t matched the original 5G iPod.. This new iPod Photo is for Early Adopters, to be sure, but only because it’s price is so high. Actually using the thing is probably heaven… and certainly light years ahead of any portable media brick.

  3. Ah yes…. MicroSoft thinks its all because of THE NAME of the product.

    Sure, right.

    A word of advice to Mr. Gates & Co…

    Calling horse manure “prime rib” will not make it taste any better – nor will it result in a wildly enthusiastic embracing of the product.

    It’s about the end-user experience and product quality Billy.

    Try again!

  4. It looks nice but a little expensive. I just checked out the Creative Zen 60gig player and it around 300 bucks cheaper (Aussie dollars). But, of course is not compatable with a mac.

    Does anyone know of a 60gig mp3 player that works on a mac and is reasonably priced. I don’t need colour or video just music player capabilities.

  5. Ian, specs aren’t everything. Do you really need 60Gb? Why not just add and remove songs every now and then? If capacity is your only concern you’ll be sacrificing portability and usability.

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