Wisconsin students use Apple iMovie to edit U.S. presidential candidate videos

“Parkview Middle School eighth-graders are learning as much about sound bites, newscasts and movie-making as they are about the election with their iMovie production. Their assignment: collect articles on the presidential candidates and condense them into three-minute presentations. They spent two class periods putting them together,’ Jean Peerenboom reports for The Green Bay Press-Gazette.

“Through the Kids Voting program, classrooms across Northeastern Wisconsin are undertaking projects to learn more about elections and voting. To culminate the program, on Election Day, students will go to the polls to cast ballots at special Kids Voting booths,” Peerenboom reports. “At Parkview, 92 students were divided into 10 teams of eight or nine, who split up the duties of producer, anchor, movie editors, cameraperson and reporters. The project was used as a way to learn more about the iMac and iMovie technology, teacher Scott Balfanz said.”

Full article here.


  1. Look on the bright side…

    Kids learning to use Macs could result in creating a new generation of Mac-heads who wont tolerate the inferior user experience WinDoze offers them !

  2. Bush is very intelligent. Only a moron liberal would try to paint him as unintelligent.

    Get ready for four more great years for George Bush! He will win and every one in my town is voting for him.

    John Kerry = Terrorist Supporter

  3. I actually live about ten miles from the middle school, and this is the first I’ve heard about that. It’s great they take time out to educate students of Wisconsin about the wonders of the Mac. Now for an Apple store in APPLEton…

  4. Can you explain to the class how you beleive that Kerry is a “terrorist supporter” ?

    -what? you didn’t see when the president said it? you know, what he says is true. because he believes it. and i can play it back. check it out. here’s my new imovie project that edits together all of w’s assertions into a brief three minute film. you tell me he’s not right after you listen to him say it a few times. how can you deny the truth in repetition that imovie makes it so easy to demonstrate?

  5. 12 posts so far, and ONLY 3 are refering to the article at hand.

    Again MDN decends into bullshit name calling between so called Democrats and so called Republicans. When the rest of the world knows the average American would be hard pressed to give a clear definition of each – especially those morons that think they speak American, actually it’s just English, different accents and slang words, but just English

    See everyone can join in the useless name calling, and it all has nothing to do with Apple and Macs – Yeah!

    Has ANYONE ever changed their mind about their political views due to the childish, trite name calling posted on this site?

    I would bet they haven’t – so f&%k off and post it on some “we love Bush”, “we love Kerry” site.

    Now back to the topic.

    I wish that these sorts of applications/tecnology was availabel when I was in school, it would certainly have opened up so many more creative opportunities.



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