Dell launches 5GB ‘iPod mini killer’

“Dell is challenging Apple Computer’s iPod Mini music player, as part of a plan to expand its Dell brand name in the consumer electronics market,” John G. Spooner reports for CNET News.

“The Round Rock, Texas, PC maker on Thursday launched a diminutive Dell Digital Jukebox portable music player, the Dell Pocket DJ 5… which will sell for $199 and offer 5GB of storage [and] is likely to be compared to Apple’s 4GB, $249 iPod Mini. A trim 20GB Dell DJ will sell for $249, a drop of $30 from the price of Dell’s existing 20GB model. Dell believes that its relatively low prices on the music players… will help win over consumers.” Spooner reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Yawn. Imagine waking up all excited on Christmas morning and opening a box with that thing in it? Where’s my iPod, Mom?! The only things the Dell Pocket DJ 5 will kill is Christmas joy and eyeballs.

Perhaps Michael Dell should consider writing off his weak “digital lifestyle” product lines and give the money back to the shareholders?

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  1. when will they understand that what Apple care’s about is making the best product. period. not making the most money.

    i think the consumer base is starting to understand that and no longer blindly following the big boys anymore.

    this goes to show just how out of touch with the market Dell and Microsoft truly are.

  2. It does look a little better, it is priced a little better and as long as it plays music I am sure it will at least gather some kind of crowd. Hopefully only a small crowd.

  3. BWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Must………. breathe….. It’s……. getting…….. dark……blacking……….. out………

    Okay I am back…..oh man that looks like: CrAp! As Raymond’s dad would say.

  4. Cobra, it can’t be 2%.

    Apple holds 92.1% market share of ALL hard-drive based players.

    Creative has 3.7%
    Rio has 3.2%.

    That leaves 1% for everyone else.

    Dell probably has .01% of all hdd-based players sold…if they’re lucky.

  5. This is just another knock off attempt by DULL. Here they are trying to copy the form factor of the iPod mini, whith the rond edges and flat tops. It is the one reason by this units looks better than the old POS. They realize they have zero ability to develop something innovative, so they just copy Apple. Looks aside, which are still not close to the iPod mini, this unit is still a POS when it comes down to it.

  6. Reason #1,234,835 why I love MDN:

    “Perhaps Michael Dell should consider writing off his weak ‘digital lifestyle’ product lines and give the money back to the shareholders?”

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