Apple releases Security Update 2004-09-30 (released 2004-10-04)

Apple today released Security Update 2004-09-30 (released 2004-10-04) which delivers a number of security enhancements and is recommended for all Macintosh users. This update is available via Software Update and includes the following components:

– AFP Server
– NetInfoManager
– postfix
– QuickTime

For detailed information on this 1.5MB Update, please visit this website:


  1. Helped me out on my PB AL, I was having a lot of fan noise with 10.3.5 but since this last patch the fan is quieter. wierd.

    So Apple wheres my G5PB? I wont mind waiting a little longer if you get it cooler than my G4.

  2. BTW did anyone really care about that problem with Real Player for mac? I would assume that the mac population with Real installed for any reason is extremely small %. Good bye Real

  3. I agree — RE: Real Player installed on only a small % of Macs.

    I really dislike it and only installed it once or twice.

    It irks me that it is so annoying, slow, and visually unattractive to look at. Besides, it never seems to work (right) for me — so basically, I just sigh and don’t get to view the few animations of videos I was interested in.

    Why don’t websites all include Quicktime at least as a 2nd or 3rd choice?

    I love Quicktime!

    – DG

  4. I have Real Player installed, but its not like I use it that much…I tend to only use it if the choice is between Win Media Player and Real Player…I just don’t like the way WinMP vids tend to look.

    QT rules!

    I’m going to wait a lil before I download this update, I don’t need it messing up my computer.

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