Delays for Apple’s Syracuse Carousel Center retail store?

“The opening of the new Apple Store at Carousel Center mall [might be delayed]. The store selling Apple computer products and other cool things to make them work had set an opening date of about Sept. 25. That would be Saturday. Well, insiders say Apple might be having some hardware problems – with store buildouts – at several locations and is delaying the opening for a storefront fix. Or not,” Bob Niedt reports for The Syracuse Post-Standard.

“Apple isn’t even acknowledging it’s opening a store in Syracuse… It was not on the Web site as of Tuesday. Rob Schoeneck, Carousel Center’s general manager, said the mall is prepping for the uber-fans who travel long distances to be at every Apple store opening. ‘We’re internally gearing up in case people show up Friday night’ for the possible Saturday opening, said Schoeneck. But no one is sure Apple could get all their desktops in a row to open this weekend,’ Niedt reports.

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  1. Population of Syracuse, NY ~150,000
    Population of Calgary, AB ~1,000,000

    Apple Store status, Syracuse: imminent
    Apple Store status, Calgary: no plans whatsoever

    Distance to alternate Apple store, Syracuse: Albany, Buffalo, Garden City, Huntington Station, NYC, West Nyack, White Plains (and that’s just New York State)

    Distance to alternate Apple store, Calgary: Seattle (~13 hour drive one way) or Denver (~18 hour drive one way) (border crossing delays not included)

    Market penetration of Apple in Calgary vs. Syracuse (assuming Canada vs. US figures apply}: greater in Calgary

    Specials available on Apple Web Store, Syracuse: weekly

    Specials available on Apple Web Store, Calgary: never

    What’s up, Apple? Do we smell bad or something?

    Sorry. Had to vent.


  2. No, you just talk funny, eh? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Syracuse is in the US. Calgary is in Canada- a different COUNTRY all together! After all, Apple is a US company! Oh, by the way- where I live Syracuse is an hour away, Buffalo is 4.5 hours away, and Albany is 4.5 hours away (where the closest Apple stores currently are). Not as bad as 13 and 18 hours away, but bad enough!

  3. I know that Calgary is in Canada, and Syracuse is in the USA. I know Apple is an American company. However, they don’t have any problem with selling their product in Canada. There is a company called Apple Canada.

    < >

    They even have an office in Calgary:

    Apple Canada Inc
    10201 Southport Road Southwest 1205, Calgary, AB T2W4X9
    (403) 531-2450

    …and a training centre at another address:

    7620 Elbow Dr. SW
    Suite #618
    Calgary, AB CAN T2V1K2

    So its not as if we were not on the corporate map.

    Why wouldn’t they want to do it completely? By putting one store in Calgary, they could draw a captive market of ~4 million people (the population of Alberta, plus close neighbours in BC, Saskatchewan, and Montana). Is that a bad idea, somehow?


  4. London is now 2 hours from me, thanks to Richard Branson and his cool tilting trains. Roll on Apple London!!!

    Manchester – London on the new Virgin Pendolino trains – 145mph!!! Just over 2 hours.

  5. anon:

    Actually, there are three excellent independent Apple retailers in Calgary, MyMacDealer, Vistek, and Westworld (which has been around since Apple ][ days), as well as some chains like London Drugs. However, none of them is ever able to get enough inventory to actually have what you want (or what you want to show off to a potential switcher) on display. They do not have the software inventory on display. I don’t know if they can’t do it or won’t do it, but they are not as effective as a real Apple store.

    Also, I have buying online, especially until I can touch and feel a product. While I’m there touching and feeling, why wouldn’t I want to purchase it at the same or better price from the guy who will be taking care of it for me?


  6. Dave Johnson

    I’ll take your word for it, but I did several web searches, and the only population reference, metro or otherwise, that I could come up with was the 150,000 figure. Having visited the area, I am sure that your number is more accurate. Still, Calgary has Syracuse beat by a quarter of a milliom people.


  7. Mike…

    Percentage of computer users with access to free music via Limewire or Acquisition…

    (who cares)

    Music is free in canada.. we pay through the nose on CDR’s to make up for it..


    forget about legal downloading from apple.. just do it with Limewire..


  8. Mike

    Gets confusing, doesn’t it? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    Actually, I am not talking about the iTunes Music Store. I’m talking about a Brick and Morter Apple Store.

    I already own and use Acquisition, and, in general, I tend to purchase CDs, especially of the SACD variety, which iTMS can not touch for quality.


  9. Also, there are still plans to turn Syracuse’s Carousel Center into a mega retail/entertainment center that will be bigger than Mall of America.

    Doubtful it will happen though. Gotta love politicians.

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