Windows besieged by hackers; number of Windows viruses soars by more than 400%

“The number of new viruses and worms aimed at Microsoft Corp.’s ubiquitous Windows operating system rose 400 percent between January and June from the same year-earlier period, computer security company Symantec said Sunday,” Reuters reports. “Nearly 5,000 new Windows viruses and worms were documented in the first half of the year, up from about 1,000 a year earlier, said Symantec, the world’s largest computer security company by revenue. The problem of computer viruses can be massive, overloading computers with messages, automatically rebooting systems and sometimes disabling them.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Windows-only users should be seriously concerned. The good news is that there is a much better way! Please read this article for more information: Wall Street Journal’s Mossberg: ‘The single most effective way to avoid viruses and spyware is to simply chuck Windows altogether and buy an Apple Macintosh’ – September 16, 2004

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  1. If anyone ever decides to buy a Mac, then you will get viruses, too. Security through obscurity. No one wants to write anything for 2% of the market, developers or virus writers.

  2. Uh yeah, that’s it Jon E Wunnut. No hackers out there want to be the very first to create a virus on the Mac. No one wants to make the headlines. They just wanna follow along. That’s because only my sister and I own Macs. We are the only 2 left in the world….

  3. There is just something, how do I put this politely…uh, STUPID about businesses (and everyone else) who continue to use Windows! Admittedly, some are changing. But, not enough. I still continue to hear people talk as though Macs don’t really exist as a serious alternative. IT people, of course. It’s their job.

    “Be stupid. Help others to be the same.”

    It’s their job description.

  4. “If anyone ever decides to buy a Mac, then you will get viruses”

    I have a mac, I don’t getviruses?????

    I really love the the “only reason Microsoft gets viruses is because it has big marketshare” excuse.
    Thats like saying the only reason Mercedes is a safer car is because there are less of them on the road, so therefore you are less likely to get into a crash.

    Maybe it is true, but the way I see it is because my mac is one of the 2% marketshare and because NO ONE would bother writing a virus for it, and since windows advocates proudly claim that apple will never gain the market share to warrent a Mac OS X virus, means that I have to carry on computing without those added benefits of malware of spyware ;(

    I guess I will just have to put up with being part of the minority, DAMN it sucks. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. Security through obscurity is a myth as The New York Times reported:

    “That, as it turns out, is a myth, no matter who repeats it… Mac OS X and Linux [are] much more secure than Windows XP. For example:”

    – “Windows comes with five of its ports open; Mac OS X comes with all of them shut and locked… These ports are precisely what permitted viruses like Blaster to infiltrate millions of PC�s. Microsoft says that it won�t have an opportunity to close these ports until the next version of Windows, which is a couple of years away.”

    – “When a program tries to install itself in Mac OS X… a dialog box interrupts your work and asks you permission for that installation — in fact, requires your account password. Windows XP goes ahead and installs it, potentially without your awareness.”

    – “Administrator accounts in Windows (and therefore viruses that exploit it) have access to all areas of the operating system. In Mac OS X, even an administrator can�t touch the files that drive the operating system itself. A Mac OS X virus (if there were such a thing) could theoretically wipe out all of your files, but wouldn�t be able to access anyone else�s stuff — and couldn�t touch the operating system itself.”

    – “No Macintosh e-mail program automatically runs scripts that come attached to incoming messages, as Microsoft Outlook does.”

    Pogue writes, “…the conclusion is clear: Linux and Mac OS X aren�t just more secure because fewer people use them. They�re also much harder to crack right out of the box.” Pogue also covers Windows virus programs and other reasons why Mac OS X is simply more secure than Windows. Full article here.

  6. Hey, SP2 slows down your XP computer so it has the time to fight off the viruses.

    It makes a lot of malware, especially IE and Office for Windows almost stop in it’s tracks.

  7. The reason there are no viruses for OS X is because it’s UNIX based. There, that’s the answer, and there are two reasons why no viruses will exist.

    1. The people who write viruses are not stupid. On the contrary, they’re actually clever people who are misguided. But I bet a pound to a penny they use UNIX (or some flavour) as their OS of choice, so writing a virus for UNIX would be the equivalent of taking a dump on their doorstep. Windows as an OS is laughable. Yesterday I designed all the artwork for my friends new album in 5 hours. The same time, his crappy PC was sitting next to me being ‘quarantined’ from all the spyware, adware and all the other shit that PC’s collect on their daily venture into the online world.

    2. UNIX is a hard beast to crack. People who say there are no viruses for UNIX are right, but that’s not to say people haven’t tried to create them. Truth is, it’s just too hard to write a virus for UNIX.

    Add points 1 and 2 together and you’ll see why the true professional uses OS X. You can get things done in a fraction of the time and know your data is secure.

  8. Windows is a popular commercial virus. IT IS NOT AN OPERATING SYSTEM. Hell, half the time it doesn’t even operate because of all the viruses and worms. It just makes me think that if there’s an equivalent of the financial disaster caused by the WTC collapse, it will be because corporations use Windows. The data doesn’t even need to be destroyed, just copied and used maliciously for blackmail, extortion, spam, whatever. For the interests of national and financial security, for pity’s sake, use Macs or at least Unix.

  9. After reading about the MSfortunes (read as misfortunes) the windows users out there have had, and inexplicably, continue to have, I have come to the following conclusion:

    Users of PCs with a Microsoft operating system installed anre the equivalents of masochists � no other reason why they would keep on doing this to themselves.

    Microsoft completes the the S&M team by being a particularly nasty and sadistic Dominatrix who could not care less about anyone.

    It almost reminds me of the movie cliche where an evil baddy developes a lethal virus, and then holds the world to ransom for the vaccine. Only, the evil one � in this case Microsoft � has lost control of the virus, and their vaccine is just not getting things right.

    Aren’t we Apple-users fortunate that we did not drink from that particular well? I would give that a definite YES!!!!

    So, to all the Macsters out there who watch their friends succumb to the deviousness that is Microsoft, all I can say is: Be there for them when the plague hits, and gently show them that there is a way to computing nirvana…

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