Allume announces StuffIt Deluxe 9.0 with over a dozen new features

Allume Systems, Inc. (formerly Aladdin Systems, Inc.), an IMSI company, today announced StuffIt Deluxe 9.0, the newest version of its file compression, access, and organization software for Mac OS X. This new version offers faster file compression and decompression, a more intuitive user interface, and enhanced backup features that streamline the process of storing files on multiple CDs/DVDs, and other storage media. The new version also provides enhanced connectivity options, allowing users to save archives directly to FTP servers or their .Mac iDisk. StuffIt’s compression technology allows users to send files faster across the network or over the Internet, as well as easily access the files they receive from others. StuffIt Deluxe 9.0 takes advantage of the latest dual-processor technology in the new Power Mac G5, and fully integrates into Mac OS X finder providing easy access to all its most powerful features.

“The new backup features we’re providing in this version of StuffIt Deluxe make it easy for even novice users to protect their important files by making archive copies,” said Matthew Covington, Senior Product Manager at Allume in the press release. “StuffIt not only compresses data so that more can be stored on a single CD or DVD, it can even automatically split apart larger archives so that they can be stored on multiple disks. And with the performance gains in this version of StuffIt Deluxe it all happens faster than ever.”

StuffIt Deluxe includes the StuffIt X file format. StuffIt X demonstrates Allume’s leadership and innovation in the data compression industry by creating smaller archives and providing enhanced security features such as powerful 512-bit RC4 encryption and the ability to recover archives if they become corrupted. StuffIt X’s archive technology provides a protective wrapper that safeguards files as they are being transferred over the network or the Internet.

Key Features and Benefits:
– Redesigned DropStuff: A redesigned user interface for DropStuff, an easy-to-use drag and drop archive tool included with StuffIt Deluxe, allows users to create StuffIt, Zip, and .tar archives from a single convenient location.
– Faster Compression and Decompression: StuffIt Deluxe 9.0 includes a number of improvements to the core compression and decompression engine that add up to the fastest StuffIt ever. Users of dual processor Macs, including the new line of Power Mac G5’s, will benefit from multi-processor enhanced technology that provides additional performance benefits.
– Archive Directly to CD/DVD or FTP: DropStuff now allows users to save the archives they create directly to CDs, DVDs, and FTP servers. Built-in segmentation technology means that when archives are being saved to CD or DVD, they are automatically split across multiple disks as they are being created. These changes make it easier than ever for users to archive their iTunes music, iPhoto library, or any other type of file directly to CD.
– Improved Finder Integration: StuffIt Deluxe now allows users to multi-task in the Finder while compressing and decompressing files with MagicMenu and StuffIt CM. Users can also compress and expand in the Finder using StuffIt’s keyboard shortcuts. Using StuffIt’s exclusive Archive-Via-Rename technology, users can archive or expand files and folders simply by changing their names; users can create archives by adding “.sitx”, “.zip”, or “.tar” to file and folder names, or can expand them again by removing the archive extension.
– Powerful New Backup Tools: ArchiveAssistant provides an easy-to-use backup solution that allows users to archive any folder on any local or network drive; System Administrators can now perform backups with admin privileges allowing them to backup folders belonging to any user account on the computer. ArchiveAssistant allows users to configure their backup so that only recently changed files are added to the archive, saving both time and space when running regularly scheduled backup tasks. Users now have the option to save backup archives to their .Mac iDisk, as well as to local, external, and networked hard drives, CDs/DVDs, and FTP servers. ArchiveAssistant’s logs can now be viewed via the Mac OS X Console application, and users can even choose to be notified via email when a backup task is successfully executed.
– Enhanced “Restore” mode: StuffIt Expander’s new “Merging” technologymakes it easy for users to restore archived items back to their original location on the hard drive.
– Easy Archive Management: StuffIt Expander now features a new “File Mappings” preference that allows users to choose whether archives open with StuffIt Deluxe or StuffIt Expander.
– Improved Automation Options: StuffIt Express provides users with a scripting tool that is both powerful and easy to use. Built around a point and click interface, Express allows users to automate a wide range of file compression and transfer tasks. StuffIt Express now also allows users to distribute the drop boxes they create to friends and family, making the process of sharing photos and other documents easier than ever.
– Enhanced Cross Platform Compatibility Options for Zip: StuffIt Deluxe is now able to create .Zip archives that preserve Macintosh specific file attributes, such as the resource fork, while at the same time preserving 100% compatibility with Windows-based PCs.

StuffIt 9.0 sells for $79.99 and is available directly from Allume and major retailers, Apple Stores, mail order catalogs, and through Allume’s international partner network. StuffIt Deluxe is available from Ingram Micro, Navarre, Visco Entertainment and The Douglas Stewart Company in the USA, EMJ Data Systems LTD in Canada, and is also sold by Softline UK LTD in the United Kingdom, PICA Software in Australia, and other Macintosh distributors worldwide. Previous registered users of StuffIt Deluxe can upgrade for the discounted price of $29.99. The software requires Mac OS X 10.3 or higher. StuffIt, on the Net:


  1. Ho hum.

    Stuffit is reaching (or has already reached) the point of diminishing returns. I upgraded to Stuffit 7 a while back, saw no need to get Stuffit 8, and see no additional need for Stuffit 9. Almost all that one would want to do in version 9 can be done in version 7 or even earlier versions.

    This is a problem with software that essentially does all it’s supposed to do and is not broken with OS or computer upgrades.

  2. That’s true for most, but I find it incredibly useful to keep my Stuffit Engine as up-to-date as possible, so that way when I need to decompress different types of .rar or various other compression formats. Obviously if your just dealing with .zip files, then your fine and have been with version 7, but if you have to deal with windows executables, cab files, rar files and other formats you might not have ever even heard of, then having the newest version of Stuffit, means not having to maintain a PC (virtual or real) to get access to these random compression formats.

  3. “This is a problem with software that essentially does all it’s supposed to do and is not broken with OS or computer upgrades.”

    why not just lisence its software to OS makers and be done with it?

  4. I disagree, Bob C.

    – Improved Finder Integration: StuffIt Deluxe now allows users to multi-task in the Finder while compressing and decompressing files with MagicMenu and StuffIt CM.

    This is a huge deal to me. I can’t stand having to sit and wait for my large files to stuff/unstuff while not being able to use the finder. This feature by itself is a reason to pay the $30 upgrade fee.

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