Mac-only GarageBand’s ‘revolutionary potential a great reason to finally get a computer you will lov

“Music is the hottest thing in the digital world today, and Sony and Microsoft are scrambling to catch up to Apple Computer’s musical lead. Apple’s exquisitely engineered iPod digital music player and iTunes music-management software are market makers and leaders, giving consumers complete control over their music. As the Kinks said, give the people what they want,” George Emerson writes for The Globe and Mail.

“GarageBand is this year’s new Apple music product, a song-creation program that is bundled in the iLife ’04 software package and included on newer Macs. Even though I’ve been playing with it for a while, I am just now recognizing its revolutionary potential — to make the actual creation (not just the playback) of music easier, more accessible and more fun,” Emerson writes.

“However, unlike Apple’s phenomenally popular iPod and iTunes, which run on both Windows and Macintosh, GarageBand runs only on Apple’s proprietary operating system,” Emerson writes. “You’ll also need a newer machine to get the most out of the program, which can hog quite a bit of memory and processing power as the musical loops add up. But since this is the time of year when many people are upgrading for back to school or Christmas, consider GarageBand as your inner rock star’s reason to finally get a computer you will love.”

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  1. does anyone have news on when ProBand will be out and what it might include?

    I hope that Apple develops some kind of mastering tools to go with Garageband. The quality of the finished product would be that much better.

  2. Uh… GarageBand runs only on Apple’s “proprietary” operating system?! This is the bias some in the media have against Apple. Proprietary? Why does the writer have to call the Mac’s OS “proprietary”? As if Windoze isn’t?! They both are. But by labelling OS X as “proprietary,” it casts a negative light on it. I wonder if any writer has ever called windoze “proprietary”?

    This is exact same strategy that Thurrott uses: say something positive about Apple’s products while conspicuously adding a negative twist to things… enough of a twist to place doubt in people’s mind to prevent them from taking that bold step to switch from windoze to the Mac.

    It’s a devious scheme.

  3. Why is Apple’s operating system “proprietary”, but Microsoft’s, by the implied comparison, must not be?

    Maybe I’ll write the author.


    PS I talked myself into it and sent a polite note.

  4. Why everything should run microsofts proprietary operating system??????

    FreeBSD where Os X is based is way less proprietary than anything that m$ has ever produced.

    windows syfilis system is bad for you so get over it and buy a medicin ie Apple.

  5. Gambit,
    Didn’t you know that Windows is the standard of personal computing? Any self proclaimed technological expert/reporter can tell you that. It doesn’t matter that we have standards organisations, everything Microsoft is standard, Duh! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  6. Gambit – I agree. The media calls MacOS ‘proprietary’, when in fact both Windows and MacOS are proprietary. Linux and other Open Source software are the exeptions.

    Now, they may point out that the vast majority of users use Windows, so anything else is ‘proprietary’, but if you use that logic, then the Market leading iTunes Music Store is used by the vast majority, yet Microsoft’s miniscule market-share music store is called the standard and Apple’s ITMS is ‘proprietary’!

    The media clearly has been brainwashed.

  7. Apple registered the name ProBand. Read it somewhere, sorry can’t find the link right now.

    Does anyone here use Logic? What features does it have over GB? Any recommendations for mastering tools?

  8. mike – garageband is to logic pro like m$ word is to quark. You might write your novel in word, but you would never publish it using word. Logic is a huge, flexible, profesional level audio/video studio with routing, mastering and sync options not found in garageband.

  9. logic verses Garage band???
    dude, not even a worth a comparison.
    Garageband looks like an infants toy compared to logic.
    If you want some real music editing done, use logic.

  10. MacOSX is based on the non proprietary Darwin which comes from the FreeBSD family. Windows is proprietary. I think these analysts and tech reporters are jokes. It seems the average Mac user understand technology better than the “Pro’s”

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