Former Mac writer releases free New Mexico PDF Ebook

Former senior editor, columnist, and Macintosh commentator John H. Farr, currently writing the GRACK! online column ( [url=][/url] ) and producing Web sites in northern New Mexico, today announced the publication of a free 25-page ebook (PDF, 380k), available from Created as a preview for the recently-revised 155-page “Buffalo Lights” ebook about moving to El Norte, the free download contains a prologue, introduction, full table of contents, complete first chapter, and excepts, along with stunning color photographs and reader comments.

According to Farr, the goal in releasing the the free PDF is to introduce the award-winning photo-illustrated ebook to a whole new audience. “I’m very excited about the new project,” said Farr, adding, “It’s given me the opportunity to spend a lot more time in front of my Mac. Unless I’m hiking in the wilderness or chasing bears out of the apple trees, there’s really no other place I’d rather be.” When questioned directly about ursine visitors, the irreverent writer admitted he hadn’t seen any yet this year, but swears he’s more devoted to the Mac than ever. “I was late coming to OS X, but once I booted up, I never looked back!”

The full edition of “Buffalo Lights,” the amazing true story of one couple’s trials and triumphs after giving up everything for a whole new life in the mountains of northern New Mexico, is available for online purchase from ( ). The free sample PDF is linked from there or can be downloaded directly at this link: .


  1. Alright, let me expand my statement. WHO, of the visitors who come to this site explicitly to read and comment upon timely Apple Computer-related news articles, CARES to read an utterly off-topic travelogue, which seems only to be connected to the subject of Apple Computer because the author really, really likes Macs? My question was actually a very compact way of voicing my opinion that if too many off-topic items of this nature are posted at this highly-targeted site, MDN could be in danger of losing its focus and annoying its audience. And that would not be “a good thing”.

    But, it was just an opinion, a point of departure for spirited but informed debate, and I hope that it will be treated as such.

  2. I think you’re all missing the point.

    Mr. Farr’s stated mission (for one) is providing a… ‘recently-revised 155-page “Buffalo Lights” ebook about (i.e., targeting those) moving to El Norte.’

    … WhaddU s’pose that means, sportsfans? Why not just go agead and raise a 100′ flashing neon sign saying “attack here?”

    I say to hell with good ‘ol Mr. Farr… and I don’t care HOW great are his writing skills. He’s guilty of treason against the flag of the United States for supporting mass illegal immigration.

    We’ve been invaded. Welcome to New Aztlan; bears or no bears.


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