Apple forces removal of iPodDownload plugin for iTunes

“After Apple threatened my web hosting company and my site was shut down for more than 1 hour, I had to withdraw the iPodDownload plugin for iTunes,” Sylvain Demongeot writes on his here.

Yesterday, MacDailyNews reported on Demongeot’s iPodDownload plugin for iTunes that allowed users to download tracks from iPods to the iTunes library.

Demongeot, on his website, states that he removed the free software plugin to restore access to his website, which was shutdown by the ISP for more than an hour. Demongeot says that Apple never contacted him and that he is still waiting for an explanation of the violation.

MacDailyNews Take: That was quick.


  1. “I can’t wait to see what their official take is on it.”

    The problem is that the Apple iPod could be used for musical theft. Of course, illegal transfers could not be done with just a CD. But the use of the iPod puts Apple in an awkward position.

  2. Jeff,

    I don’t think it’s really the dark side of Apple. Apple has to protect itself. If it allows plugins like this within iTunes, the music companies may attempt to pull their songs from iTMS because Apple is not doing enough to prevent piracy. It’s a CYA thing for them.

  3. Whether you agree with copyright laws and the current methods of electronically (trying) to protect them or not, the law stands as it is. Apple and his ISP are obviously trying to protect those laws.

    If Sylvain Demongeot wants to make his own music player and jukebox software and work out his own terms of protection with the music industry, he is more than free to do so. But, it is illegal to circumvent the protections Apple has put in place, even if 90% of them are still intact (doesn’t move DRM protected music).

    When you alter the intended purpose of a product, you change the product itself. You can buy and own1000 firecrackers legally, but you cannot empty them into a single container and add a fuse, then it becomes a bomb. Even if you are in the middle of the desert and “It ain’t gonna hurt no one”, you still made a bomb. The original function of the device(s) have been altered.

  4. I dont understand why you would want to download your music to anywhere, unless you were putting it on a friends computer (which would be file sharing). When it comes to music you are giving that music to someone who isn’t paying for it. Even if it is not the music you purchased, sharing my 24 Gigs of music with someone would be robbing a lot of people. Bottom line just buy music. I have never wanted to download my iPod. I like my music on my computer, on my cds, and on my iPod. I do not have any stolen files on my PC or Mac I share my music via Airport Express with 3 Macs in my home. Just by music and enjoy it. A lot of artist have worked hard to bring you entertainment and everyone wants to steal from them. If someone stole from you then you probably wouldn’t be happy about it.

    Live Life, Play Hard, Live Easy, Use Mac’s

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