NPR posts audio stream of BMW iPod test drive

BMW revs up the sound systems of its cars with a new high-tech gadget — technology contributor Xeni Jardin talks with NPR’s Noah Adams about a special BMW convertible that comes equipped with an Apple iPod, and talks about the future of music technology behind the wheel.

RealPlayer or Windows Media Player required (yuck) to play the 5:09 minute file which can be found here.

More info about BMW’s integration of Apple’s iPod here.


  1. NPR used to offer their news streams in Quicktime also. But in the last 1/2 year or so (I don’t remember when exactly) they dropped QT support altogether. I’m not a rampant conspiracy theorist or anything, BUT right around the time they dropped QT from their site Microsoft became a major national sponsor of NPR. . .

  2. Neat idea, but better integration needed. Who wants their iPod bouncing around inside their glove box when taking their “ultimate driving machine” for an enthusiastic spin. Where’s the integrated dock in the center console or dash (or even overhead)? I think the ice>Link from Dension is better solution.

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