Apple takes Microsoft to task over new MSN Music store

“Apple Computer is making catcalls over Microsoft’s musical talents. The creator of the trendsetting iPod music player and iTunes music service on Thursday took its on-again-off-again rival to task for the new MSN Music download service, saying it has fewer features and fewer songs than the market-leading iTunes,” Ina Fried reports for CNET News. “‘It’s biggest problem may be that its downloaded songs can not play on the iPod,’ said Eddie Cue, Apple’s vice president of applications.”

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  1. I give MSN Music about 2 weeks before some 14 year old figures out how to infect the whole thing with some previously unheard of trojan, virus or whatever.

    Oh… wait a minute…. It’s music won’t play on an iPod? …. but I want an iPod for Christmas… I heard it works with Windows

  2. “The iTunes Music Store is currently selling over 16 million songs per month (a rate of 200 million songs per year),” the company said in a statement. “How many songs will Microsoft’s new online music store sell during its first month?”

    This is HUGE news!! That means that iTMS is now selling at an average rate of 4 million songs per week!

  3. Two stores can exist. Why not? iTunes for the iPod and MSN for the rest. I find it interesting that only one of the supported players, the one that looks the most iPod-like is the one featured on the main page. Won’t the other WMA device makers get jealous about this?

  4. Way to go Apple!! Now, let’s see some TV commercials that say something like, “Microsoft’s Music Store Sux.”

    As a Mac user I have to agree with this review:

    There’s no way Microsoft can promote that Music Store and have it compared with Apple’s. HP represents about 25% of PC market share and they’ll be selling iPods and every HP PC will have iTunes ready to run from the gitgo. Of course, Dell has about 50% market share and they sell the Dell DJ. Whoopteedoo!

    Unless Microsoft has another rabbit to pull out of the hat, this round belongs in Uncle Steve’s new corner.

  5. If the featured WMA player is the one that looks closest to the iPod, it is like buying a “rolex” on the street as opposed to the real thing. It’s an iPod fugazzi! It all works out in Apple’s favor.

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