Skype VoIP beta available for Apple Mac OS X users

“Skype Technologies began offering its VoIP services in beta version to users of Apple Computer’s Mac OS X this week,” TechWeb News reports.

“The offerings include Skype’s free Skype-to-Skype calls and its SkypeOut service, which enables users to call anywhere in the world using their Skype software. SkypeOut calls are completed for about two cents a minute, the Luxembourg-based firm said,” TechWeb News reports.

Full article here.

Direct link to Skype’s Mac OS X page here.


  1. Your firewall goes crazy once you install it. It is very Kazza like in its server seaching approach. I also believe it documents and relays all yuor actions. Saying gently. “Useful Spyware”

  2. I have used this app on a Wintel before. it is OK, though not really stable. I am not going to install it on my Macs since iChat is already doing a great job.
    Basically… thanks but no thanks.

  3. Ray
    The big difference here being that Skype allows the user to call normal telephones and cell phones and Ichat does not. Also Skype’s voice quality is virtually indistinguishable from conventional phones.

  4. I don’t understand why people would use this and pay this company when iChat accomplishes the same thing?

    Am I missing something? Is there some other benefit to this software above and beyond the free audio and video confrencing capabilities of iChat A/V?


  5. G5Man
    See my previous answer to Ray.
    The sofware is completly free. It does not do video yet. It hasbetter voice quality than Ichat and most importantly, It allows you to make calls to regular telephones which IchatAV does not.

  6. Got this yesterday at someone’s suggestion and it looks pretty good.

    Was using Sipphone to call my mates. It’s ok, but a little buggy. It wouldn’t remember my user/password (and the user id is 11 digits long), and dialing people wasn’t as neat as it could have been. Maybe I should have updated it? Anyway, it’s not really fun software.

    But Skype is fun. It feels like a chat client (duh, it is), and even lets you transfer files of unlimited size I believe… I tried 60Mb and it was ok.

    Replace iChat? Definitely not, but not everyone wants AOL on their PC and not everyone has a Mac running iChat, so maybe Skype will fill in?

    Would rather see iChat released for PC to be honest, but then, you’d have to get people to sign up and download it as well.

    And as for spyware, if their intentions are to take on VoIP and be leaders, then spyware would hurt those intentions for a lot of people/businesses. P2P file sharing (i.e. piracy) is vastly different to building a communications empire. If they do use spyware (even though they deny it), then’d have to be morons.

  7. YES!!! This is great. Skype has been becoming more and more popular for conference calling in the business world and it was a definite drawback for Mac Users in Business to not be able to participate. This was a very important step in keeping the Mac viable for Business. I posted a lot on this and sent in feedback. Nice to see it actually happen.

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