Apple, Hewlett-Packard debut new iPod television commericals

Apple and HP on Sunday evening both aired iPod TV commericals during the MTV Video Music Apple’s commercial, entitled “Stereo Rock”, was first featured in Steve Jobs’ WWDC 2004 Keynote earlier this summer. The ad features the company’s black sillouette dancers and “Walkie Talkie Man” by Steriogram and has been posted online by Apple here.

HP’s new television ad for the ‘Apple iPod by HP’ also debuted during the primetime awards ceremony and features “humorous” juxtapositions of people with the “wrong” music genres, for example, a hip hop crowd dancing to Country music.

Of note is that Apple’s commercial ends with the tagline, “PC or Mac,” instead of the “Mac or PC” tag used in all previous iPod/iTunes ads.


  1. The new tagline makes sense in that Mac fans already know about the iPod. It’s the rest that need to know it works on PCs as well – HP is doing this so Apple might do it. Anyway, more iPods are sold to PC users then Mac users and this should continue with greater numbers of Windows users buying the iPod from HP. MS’s new music store will have tough competition from the already entrenched iTMS.

  2. I saw the ads last night during the VMAs. They show breakdancers, country line dancers, etc. all dancing to the “wrong” music (i.e. hip hoppers with polka, libe dancers with hip hop). Then they cut to the scroll wheel with a tagline about all the music living together in harmony on your iPod. I thought they were relaly good.

  3. watch the second advert on that hp page – the imaging one…

    the soundtrack sounds uncannily like the new ipod ad!!

    maybe the band who are in the new ipod ad have sampled that older tune….

    it all ties in very nicely…

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