‘Analyst’ Enderle: ‘Over last decade, Apple computers were purged from most schools’

“You may have a firm belief that Apple provides the better product, but over the last decade, Apple computers were purged from most schools, making them only acceptable in a few. You can certainly lobby to have them return but, once again, much like it probably is in your company, you likely won’t make much headway because the education system remains underfunded in many areas, and PC support has never been at the top of the funding list,” Rob Enderle writes for TechNewsWorld.

Enderle then goes on to pitch his readers a variety of Windows laptops, with no more mention of that nasty, dirty, different company from Cupertino, but not after first admitting, “I come from a time when getting ready for school meant buying a couple of binders, some pencils and some new clothes you wouldn’t be caught dead in. Transportation was a one-speed bicycle… and high tech was a circular slide rule.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rob’s old bike isn’t the only thing capable of only one speed. Windows suits Rob’s one-speed (extra slow) mind perfectly, don’t you think? While technically true that over the last decade, “Apple computers,” meaning Apple II and Apple IIe computers, “were purged from most schools,” Rob conveniently leaves out the information that “in 2003, Apple’s laptop market share in the K-12 segment grew by 3.2% over the previous year, to 26.9% of laptops sold in this category.” This was reported by a small publication known as BusinessWeek (“Apple’s Back-to-School Blast”) just a few weeks ago on August 3rd, but of course, a bigtime business “analyst” like Rob probably can’t be bothered to read every tiny rag some outfit manages to print, now can he? Still, the pesky facts that Rob so loves to ignore remain. So, how exactly does Apple manage to show growth and own over a quarter of the K-12 laptop market after being “purged from most schools over the last decade,” Mr. Enderle? Or did you just write that to try to help sell more Windows computers to schools? Try to pedal really fast and see if that’ll help warm up your noggin enough to give us some real answers.


  1. Rob, great job again… I love how, whenever you want to cough up another one of those wonderful We Want Wintel pieces, you refuse to let the facts stand in your way. (Go back to bed… you’re an embarrassment to your kind.)

  2. My sister-in-law manages the computers for a catholic grade school in the bay area. She has a lab of the original iMac but she is continually pressured to replace them with Dells – from administrators and parents. She has stood up against them but I think many have given in to the pressure rather than risk their jobs and being labeled a ‘mac zeolot.’

  3. The pics of the new iMac do look “cool” enough to be the real thing. The picture could have been stolen pics from an ad agency. I guess we only have a week to wait.

  4. That photoshop “iMac” has been posted on the web for over a week now. It was designed by an individual who has nothing to do with Apple. It’s nice, but would be unstable on a desktop. It’s not the new iMac.

  5. New iMac stolen photos?

    MacBidouille has posted (LINK: http://www.macbidouille.com/niouzcontenu.php?date=2004-08-27#9376) what supposedly could be pictures from the new iMac (3G / G5).

    They were taken on a elevator of a Paris airport (Roissy – Charles de Gaulle). The pictures first appeared in a .Mac account but was soon shut down (* apple legal? Don’t know).

    MacBidouille thinks they are fake, but these guys apparently went to a lot of trouble mounting a scenario to take these pictures. You can’t actually tell if they are fake or not (from the angles of the picture) but at least the mistery surrounding the story does give it some credibility IMHO.

    I went digging for more info at MacBidouille forums and someone said that if this is the new iMac it looks just like a LCD TV. So, it hit me:

    What if Apple cleverly designed this product to be used at home / home office and for it the become a Home Entertainment Center? I know SJ said hi did not see the computer and the TV merging but think of all the uses i could have:
    1) Computer
    2) Stereo (iTunes / iPod / AirTunes / etc)
    3) DVR (Tivo like or EyeTV)
    4) Digital Pcitures frame (iPhoto)
    5) DVD player / Recorded (SuperDrive / iDVD)

    What do you think!?!


    Felix Sanchez 1st Gold Medal for the Dominican Republic in 400m Hurdles! Go DR!

  6. TechNewsWorld (ECT) is goading Mac (and Linux) users so they can get readers. I am starting to wonder whether they are (paid?) shills for Microsoft rather than simply trying to increase their readership by publishing articles that inflame Mac and Linux users.

    ECT often uses Enderle’s quotes and articles despite the fact that Enderle’s credibility is severely tarnished. Linux users disdain of Enderle is similar to that of mac users.

    ECT News Network produces these titles: E-Commerce Times, TechNewsWorld, MacNewsWorld, CRM Buyer & LinuxInsider

  7. She has a lab of the original iMac but she is continually pressured to replace them with Dells – from administrators and parents. – iSteve

    If she is ever in danger of losing her job, agree to the replacements, but at the same time, ask for an increase in the budget. If asked why, explain how TCO works, that costs don’t stop at paying salespeople. Maybe they’ll think twice over that. Money talks. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  8. Maybe Enderle’s kids go to a PC-only school, and so his limited analysis suggests that all schools have ditched Mac’s?

    I’m disappointed.

    My cousin in Australia just bought a PC for his kids’ schooling (today in fact), with my little brother’s help. I had no idea – I’m currently living in San Francisco – so the buggar evidently waited until I was gone… probably coz he knew the hell he’d get if I’d been there!!

    I’d told him and showed him that Mac’s are better, but he wanted “compatibility” (read: ability to steal software of others) and “cheapness” (a $10 floppy disk drive is “such a bargain” these days) and he probably also wanted the ability to rip DVD’s easily (once again, media piracy).

    But, of course, he doesn’t get iLife, so he’ll have to hobble things together, unless Adobe or M$ release something similar.

    He’ll pay for it, that’s for sure, as do/will all M$ “customers”, even those who pirate.

    I initially wished 1,000 viruses onto his computer, but there was really no point – it’ll get ’em in the end anyway.

    The best consolation? I’m here so I won’t be undertaking any support. I’d really like to see him get MAME working from a DOS prompt, or see what happens when he has to download a 50Mb service patch over dialup.

    Actually, in some small, twisted way, I kinda do wish I was there.

  9. since macs have a lower TCO and are easier to use (waaaay easier.. to NOT break, get it?) his ‘they have no budget’ argument falls in line with Apple’s sales pitch.


    Why would schools want to take on a full-time techie to babysit some eMachines…?

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